The Beneficial Effect of Teachers to Today's Society


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As a teacher, I am constantly looking for ways to reach out to my students. While reading through the many theories of these amazing scholars I noticed that they all have great views on methods of education. However, the most developed in my opinion was Piaget. Although, the views are viewed as solid not all can fully help the young people of the world.

In this essay, I will provide the necessary evidence proving that his work is beneficial to today’s society. However, although his additions to teaching are nearly bulletproofed, they still have room to hit or miss. Since, learning methods have changed frantically over time it will be hard to interim and adopt some of his work into the classroom. That, of course, is the opinion of other scholars. I personally believe he and his thoughts towards education are pure genii. His work on child development is astonishing. This man had been a great addition to education before he finished his. At the age of ten, he shocked adults, and the educational world as he published his first scientific paper and at “sixteen he was so out published.”(Davidson films) this man dedicated his life to benefit children and education.

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I see there are many examples of Jean Piaget promoting the one-to-one technology. He shows that children can basically learn “outside the box.” Children must know that they are many ways to get an answer. Yet the child is not always the problem. An issue might be the teacher, and the teaching skills or methods adopted in the classroom. Teach nowadays is just a job for many. The teacher is just an employee who has the ability to pass or fail the future. Teachers are not as passionate as Piaget anymore. They go by a lesson plan they are often given to them by the school coordinator. There is no critical thinking involved in learning anymore. I once took a class where the professor told us we could use an app to get the answers to our mathematical problems. It was not fun taking his class. The reason was there was no need to think.

A great way to keep to our youth private is by taking their electronic devices. Get them to play and build their own toys. Just like our parents did. We are across our parents and our children. We know how fun it is to play in the mud; also, we know how it feels to stay connected to our iPhones and on Facebook all day. This to me is “In all fields of life (organic, mental, social) there exist on “totalities” qualitatively distinct from their parts and imposing on them an organization”(personality theories) in it. As children play in mud and sand, as teenagers we think we are smarter than our parents, as adults, we are attached to social media. The nature of thought is a beautiful study. However, with today’s technology, it is hard to keep education on a one-to-one level.

Speaking as a parent I fear that my children if left alone a bit with an iPad or tablet. Although they are good children, they might accidentally follow curiously into the other side of the Internet and into the adult’s educational technology. His addition to critical thinking is excellent from a teaching perspective. Yet from a personal view, I fear that if nothing is on the sensor or safety mode my kids might be introduced to certain topics and subjects that are too advanced. Which are just not for them plain and simple.

So one-to-one is not a method I personally want to introduce outside of the classroom. Not only will it produce a possibly of the child going into something they should not, they also are at risk of confrontation with others. As children, we grow up with playground bullies. Nowadays the bullies attempt to attack their victims online. Pushing them over the edge and causing them embarrassment and emotional distress. This leads the innocent child towards the point where taking their own lives is an option for an easy way to get away from the bully.

Although genetic epistemology, which is the “study of the development of knowledge” (theories) is meant to benefit the students in this day and age it will be hard. This is due to the fact that decades ago technology was not as advanced as it was today. I am sure Jean did not think to assume that the world would change statically.

This is one theory of Jean’s that I find non-beneficial to our youth. He shares many methods of community and communication, which are very beneficial. Examples are problem-solving methods and his mountain study. He views how a child’s comprehension skills are and how they can grow their knowledge. This to me would benefit the child development, where’s technology, which is not watched, can ruin a child’s character development.

The Scholars’ writings were filled with noticeable methods of educational tactics, not all were like Jean Piaget. Finding this out while on the hunt for new ways to captivate my students. I learned that not all of his views could be used in today’s world.

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