Why Technology Development Has a Negative Impact on Our Lives

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Life is not as easy as we think. Life is like a rollercoaster. At some point even we get the thought that will we have a better life than our parents? By constant improve in technology the answer to the question is yes, we will have a better life than our parents. But at the same time this improving technology is a burden to us. So, I think that we won’t have better life than our parents. Life is not just money or the lifestyle we live, it’s also about happiness, the quality time spent with our friends, family and the memories we recreate with them. We youths may be updated with the latest technology, but we don’t know the real value of life which our parents have experienced.

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It’s the lament heard by every generation in form of one or other: What’s the matter with kids today? The pressure on teen: In past parents were in school, they don’t take tension about anything or about school fees because in summer jobs they do work and earn money for their fees. Nowadays teens must worry about their school loans. Adults have way higher standards for teens who have less opportunities and adults complain that teenagers are lazy these days due to cell phones, but we are too busy to defend ourselves because we are trying to fix the economy and ecosystem that they destroyed. Parents and teachers except way more than that. The pressure of not only passing but also scoring outstanding grades really does affect the teenager’s mental health. That’s why most of the teenagers consider suicide as the last option. Peer pressure is also much more present.

Many say that with technology, everything is made easier for us but what they don’t know is that with technology comes, cyberbullying and social media constantly remind us how we are not pretty handsome enough for public. Social media is basically a platform through which they teenagers are judged and criticized by any anonymous person. Social media is a big impact on teens today. You have trouble fitting with others, popularity and pressure. Being a girl in social media. Body image is a huge issue. We feel as if our body shape isn’t good enough, and we feel extremely self-conscience about the way we look. People judge more harshly on everything. Even being a guy in this era is also challenging. Well people think that having technology will make life easier for teenagers but damn it is so wrong. Teenagers nowadays get so lazier because they have googled. They can google answers for all their questions. Sounds easier? Buts it’s not that easy. Not every time google provides the exact information we are looking for. Even we have to do research and it’s not true that all the information provided are real, even someone can put fake information inside. Furthermore, googling won’t help kids to learn and they might be learning the wrong things.

We must memorise more stuff. We are are expected to do loads in short time and make sure that we excel in that. Like we are expected to study, get into college, have a healthy diet, sleep for 8 hours, be fit, score better than out peers, manage multiple languages at the same time and be social. All these things or were not as intense as before. We are held under microscopes as the world watches our actions. Sure, we have more opportunities than before but the competition we have is immeasurable. Sure, we didn’t have to work or give up our education like they had to in order to provide their families, but they had a colourful childhood that wasn’t filled with exams, studying and high expectations, and that alone is worth more than anything in the world for today’s generation. Yen, with technology we can catch each childhood moment in photos and videos but not the happiness and smile. Overall being in this era is challenging and living in it is 100 times harder. There are countless problems and stress to deal with. Current generation are portrayed as unmotivated and irresponsible compared to the hardworking, sensible generation came before them. Youth violence has also increased. Another major problem is alcoholism and drugs. Many teenagers experiment with drugs. Alcohol damages the health and as well as disturbing their behaviour. Even relationship with their parents have changed. With improving technology, the internet has become their new father and guide so many teenagers are not close with their family and only remember them only at the time of needing money.

Additional, life was much easier when my grandparents were children. Children’s extracurricular activities were more colourful then nowadays. As people were closer to nature. No matter where you were living, you could get access to nature in few minutes walking. Any twig could change into slingshot. But in today to do some natural activity you have to drive long way. The phrase ” All work and no plays make jack a dull boy” has lot of truth for today’s youth to relate with.

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