The Influence of Government Financial Assistance in the Student's Education

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Ever since scholarships became a thing, students would have to work hard to obtain high grades to even have a chance of getting a scholarship to a post-secondary school. Scholarships are privately funded so they would never have the chance, or the money to give every hard working student a scholarship. The government however, does have the money to help students financially and should be helping reward them for their hard work.

The government helps pay unfortunate people that are in bad situations, this help can come in the form of welfare cheques. They also sometimes help pay for certain things at homeless shelters such as food. Instead, if they helped pay for college or university tuitions it would give everyone at least a chance at getting a good education without having to worry about all the fees associated with it. More people would go and get a post-secondary education and in the long run open up more job opportunities for themselves. The end result of this would be the government would have to pay so much money towards the less fortunate because more people would be able to get jobs to support themselves. In 2014, the NSBA (National School Board Association) conducted a analysis about the number of people who cannot afford to have a post-secondary education. The final number they ended up with was 12%. 12% of every students that graduate from high school do not enroll in college or university, of this 12%, 23% of them cannot afford to pay the tuition fees. If the government helped pay for college or university tutions or just made it free, because education is a basic right.

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More people would be able to have a better chance of getting a full-time job later on in their lives. In 2016 however, the Ontario government came out with a statement that Ontario students from low-income, middle-class families will not have to pay for their college or university tuition starting in the 2017-2018 school year. This new grant plan is offered for the families of students that make less than $50,000 a year. Even though this is a step in the right direction, They could still do better. Say a student’s parents didn’t want to pay for their child's education and they had to earn the money themselves. That student now has to find, and balance current schoolwork and their new job to even be able to have a slight chance of affording a post-secondary education. Even then most, if not all that money they make is put towards school. No car, nice clothes, food if your staying on campus, etc…

If you currently have, or are going to have kids, would you want to know that their education was fully paid for, know that they have a 100% chance of getting a post-secondary education? You wouldn’t have to worry about finding the money for it from your own pockets or from their pockets. Hard working students WILL get rewarded.

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