Why the Growth of Industries is Important


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The growth of industries is required to build a good and stable nation in the present because nowadays all fields welcome automation. Handworks replace with sectors. Industries create the qualitative and perfect product, generate the number of opportunities for people, improves the standard of living and increase the economy of the country ultimately, decreases the poverty and illiteracy of any nation. Every coin has two sides; industries generate the pollutions so, it directly harms the human’s health, but some companies do charity and adopt the cities as well.

To begin with, Industries create qualitative and perfect product rather than handwork product. Although, industries make a practical and functional outcome in less time compare to handwork and it produces the perfect product with the use of machines. Industries generate the number of opportunities for people so, it reduces the rate of unemployment and improves the standard of living. If the number of sectors would increase then the numbers of jobs are also available so ultimately, the growth of any country is high along with that industries give a chance to enhance the employer’s ability, capability and identity as well. “To win in the commercial center, you should first win in the working environment.” (“27 Best Employee Engagement Quotes – Kevin Kruse”, 2018).

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Human life is going very smoothly by using numbers of products in regular life created by industries, and people cannot live without the technology and gadgets. Industries growth is equal to the nation’s growth. “Utilizing industry and tirelessness, you will ascend ever more elevated.” (“Industry Quotes (159 quotes)”, 2018). To develop business and earn more money, people could enhance their business internationally too. “All around, ride sharing is hugely exceptional with a considerable measure of cash being tossed around.” (“Bhavish Aggarwal Quotes”, 2018)

Industries increase the economy of the country. If any companies increase the manufacturing so, the rate of production is also high and it can it can spare its cash by diminishing the imports, and it can even fare its deliver prompting outside trade wage which thus makes the nation more prosperous. Alternatively, industries pay more tax so, the economy is increasing. “Government’s point of view of the economy could be summed up in a few short articulations: If it moves, force it. On the off chance that it keeps running, oversee it. Furthermore, on the off chance that it stops moving, support it” (“Ronald Reagan Quote”, 2018). In the present, the new technologies come, so people have to learn those technologies so ultimately, they should learn those technologies.” Were the dividers of our meat industry to end up straightforward, sincerely or even allegorically, we would not long keep on raising, murder, and eat creatures the manner in which we do.” (“Industry Quotes (159 quotes)”, 2018)

On the other hand, industries generate the pollutions similarly; it damages the environment. Pollutions are directly connected to people’s life so, and it harms the human’s health. In the case of a human’s health, if it is not good, then the government should provide services to people, and it would reflect the economy. Sometimes people lose their life due to bed conditions. Still, many industries help people with good intentions as they adopt some cities and develop as smart cities. Moreover, they are doing some charities as well. “Be the change you need to find on the planet.”(“Charity Quotes – Use them to inspire your supporter,” 2018) People should think about both points of views.

At last, everything is not essential but what is necessary is vital. The government should support the industrialization and encourages people to enhance their business for increasing the economy of any nation but industries should be on far away from society and government should make some rules and regulations for sectors, and the Canadian government is also introducing to gender and diversity plan for the industrial area. (Sector, 2018)

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