Why the Gun Control Law Should Be Allowed

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Guns in many people's eyes can either be good or bad for them based on their own opinions about them. Around this world, there has been a lot of people every month or year that is getting killed by guns which aren't fair. Some may come to a conclusion that no one is doing anything about it or some will probably don’t see the point of having a gun control law. But that doesn’t mean that the guns are the problem it’s the humans that cause the action to make the world the way it is now.

Gun Control Law should be allowed because it will reduce gun deaths, protect women from abusive relationships or stalkers, and protect the government. The gun control law will reduce gun deaths by not allowing certain peoples to have a gun license in many states at a certain age. Which goes to the young teens and adults that feel they can just have one without being affected. This starts with having a lot of school shootings which are mostly caused by young teens who own or have stolen guns. It needs to stop and start with the gun control law.

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Many people would own a gun without a license to just threat or kill someone in many situations they feel the need to. This then starts to bring more problems but, with the gun control law being more strictly about their law, it will reduce the deaths from happening by young teens and adults. Gun control law will protect women from abusive relationships by sending the person to jail for a number of years, which can stop them from being abused. A lot of women in this world go through many types of abusive relationships that they can't leave due to them being scared. If the gun control law would ask gun stores to reduce gun sales if they aren't going to run a background check before selling someone a gun. Then half of the women in this world won't be in abusive relationships with domestic abusers who aren't supposed to have a gun.

Also, the gun control law will protect women from stalkers, they may know or don’t know of which is after them following their every move. This can be scary because some stalkers are stalking you for many reasons and one of them can be to kill someone depending on how they feel about a situation. But with the gun control law, women won’t have to go through that with them being arrested. Gun control law will protect the government that needs help with protecting the peoples by only allowing the police, security guards, and army troops with other more government jobs to have a gun to protect the government from criminals. Which is good since many people being taken advantage of them having a gun due to them working for the government and how it’s their job to have one. For example, some people in the workforce with guns would sometimes be races based on the type of situation they have to deal with to decide which person to go to jail, who to use their gun on and to be on probation by their skin color. This is very unfair to know that some people do these types of things in the workforce. But this is why the gun control law should be allowed to stop this and make peoples get consequences for what they are doing to other people.

The gun control law should be allowed because it will make a huge difference in the world if the gun control is strictly on what it is supposed to do. This comes with doing more background checks before selling guns to people not just because they are the legal age to get a gun, protecting the women from abusive relationships. Also, protecting the government from people who take advantage of their guns to make this world a better place. If the gun control law wasn't a law a lot of people wouldn't be here today, and people wouldn't get any consequences for doing what they did.

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