Why the Impact of Media on Society is Apparent

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The impact of media on society is apparent. Days, are long gone when information was flowing through Chief Barasa’s and church announcements. As technology has evolved print media has declined significantly. There are numerous benefits derived from the media both educative and entertaining and also some negative impact. Through media the world has a become Global Village. Job opportunities have opened to a broader market through the media and the sale of good and services. In the 21st century more people have become, educated, being able to read media has become the dominant source of information. If we were to do a personal audit on the amount of time we spend online, and the impact it has on a day-to-day decision making is shocking. As technology keeps advancing our dependency is equally growing. Children, especially at their informative age, are heavily shaped and influenced by what they watch online. Media has created unrealistic beauty and physical attractiveness thus leading to low self-esteem in the masses.

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Media is plural form of medium, which broadly speaking describes any channel of communication. This can include anything from printed paper to digital data, and encompasses art, news, educational content and numerous other forms of communication. It affects different groups differently. Groups meaning social, religion, tribe, educational background, profession or career, age, gender, social status, peer pressure, language groupings.

Media has shown different aspects of our lives in various ways. The children can be easily manipulated by the programs they see on TV and online. Kids who frequently watch violent movies in the developed world, have used the guns they watch on TV on their fellow students resulting on disastrous results as seen in the international media in recent times. “On 8th May 2019 two students opened fire at a Colorado school, killing a fellow student and wounding seven others before being taken to custody, law enforcement and hospital officials in the United States said.” At UNC Charlotte, North Carolina on 30th April 2019 a student killed two and wounded four fellow students. “On 13th March 2019 two former students of the Professor Raul Brasil State School went to the school and opened fire. They killed two teachers, themselves and wounding others.” From just the three above mentioned scenarios there is a high probability that, the above kids may have learnt the use of the guns and this aggression from TV.

Children at a tender age left to watch TV unmanaged tend to watch wrong programs thus leading to bad behavior and vulgar language. They spend too much time sitting while watching their various programs thus leading to obesity. Whereas others watch too closely to their devices thus affecting their eyesight at a tender age. Smoking and general drug abuse can be picked through the various violent video games adolescents play. According to a survey conducted in America, 200,000 children under the age of 18 have watched violent acts on TV. Media can be a time waster among the youth causing derailment in school. Research shows that active users on social media waste so much of their time such that their GPA reads 3.06 while non-users have a GPA of 3.82. College students who spend 93 minutes above the average 106 minutes in Facebook tend to have their grades drop.

Social peer pressure attributed to social media can lead to low self-esteem resulting to mental disorder, inferiority complex. Social media has played a dominant role in the life of the youth today, from the type gadget they have which they can hardly afford. Some going to the extent of prostituting themselves so to have a flashier gadget than their peers. Facebook friends have taken a bigger role in their lives compared to people they interact with in their day to day lives. Research has also shown major companies seeking to recruit check their prospective employees’ social account mainly on; profanity, poor grammar, racism, sexism, reference to alcohol and drugs and religious content. Literary your social media reflects who you truly are. Young people tend to post anything and everything exposing themselves completely.

Recently an OCPD was advising people not to advertise where they are on holiday as this is exposing their homes to robbery. A trend very common on social media. Unreliable information is circulated through social media, the pride of being seen as the first one to know or properly connected leads to publishing unconfirmed information. For example the holiday that never was 26th August 2019. Through social media advertisers are able to know what you like and take advantage of you.        

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