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Why the Popularity, Costs and Profits of the National Football League and Super Bowl Continues to Rise

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The National Football League, also known as the NFL, is the most popular sport in the United States, passing Major League Baseball (MLB) over a decade ago. The Super Bowl is a football game played each year to determine the championship of the National Football League. This championship game is the single the most watched game each year, higher than any other tv show or game. The success of the NFL and the Super Bowl game has created a big market, in which to sell products and earn huge revenues for the NFL teams and for the league itself. The NFL and Super Bowl games have set many marks and records in the United States, and there are very interesting facts that have been noted that one might never know. The profits are ridiculous, and year by year they increase.

First, I will have to give some background on this sport called football and how the NFL came about as a league. Before the NFL, there was the AFL, the American Football League. The seeds for the Super Bowl were planted around 1960, when a second professional football league came together to compete with the NFL for players and fans. Although other leagues had come and gone, the eight-team American Football League (AFL) got the fan interest unlike any other league before it. The AFL had owners with the money to sign players with very high paying contracts.

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The American Football League (AFL) had fought the National Football League (NFL) for players, fans, money from TV and respect. The successful new league had won everything except, the respect from fans. A few seasons later it was the first Super Bowl game that brought the two leagues, the AFL and the NFL, into what we all know it as today.

On January 15, 1967 the first World Championship game took place, and playing was set the AFL and the NFL.The powerhouse NFL champions, the Green Bay Packers against the AFL champion the Kansas City Chiefs. What ended in a 35 to 10 loss to the NFL, the AFL finally got the respect they were waiting for. But the winner that day was not the AFL or even the NFL; it was professional football , it got people interested that were never before. The first Super Bowl pitted a team from the National Football League against a team from the now-defunct American Football league. Tickets sold for just $12 and the program cost one dollar, but the seats in the stands were empty. For its first three years, the game was labeled the AFL-NFL World Championship Game; these days the games played are considered Super Bowls I through III. The first Super Bowl hardly got America’s attention because the American Football League and the National Football league couldn’t sell out the game, but America’s biggest game day has changed greatly over the last 50 plus years and there are many examples of how it has grown and evolved.

The NFL and Super Bowl game grew in popularity, with a growingnumber of fans every yearMore than 50 years later the Super Bowl is the most watched sporting even in the United States, and it has almost everyone’s attention unlike the first one. It definitely is the most watched TV program each year, and nine out of the top fifteen shows in history are NFL championship games. The sport and game had more fans because more people were seeing the sport being played and learning about it. This popularity had a lot to do with sports being broadcasted on television.I read that more food is eaten in the United States on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day except for Thanksgiving. As football became more and more popular, there were fans from different ages and genders In North America, about 169 million people saw some part of the game with an average of 111 million people watching at any given time in 2015. Fans paid more than $3,000 per tick¬et at the Su¬per¬dome in New Or¬leans for the Bal-timore-San Fran¬cisco match¬up. A 30-second TV com¬mer¬cial dur¬ing the game cost about as much as $4 mil¬lion. As the game and its players have evolved, so has the coverage. In Super Bowl I, CBS used 11 cameras and introduced “instant replay. “It’s safe to say that the game has come a long way.

Fifty years back it was a football game. As it became more popular and the hype grew around it, it turned into an all day long occasion. by the 1990’s, it lengthened to 4 days, and now we’re up to 10 days of exercises like parties, gatherings, shows, media days, a fan town, appearances by players who aren’t in the amusement. It kind of is like a pop-up amusement park. What’s more, most of the events are supported by big organizations who spend a lot of money to be connected with the Super Bowl. The group has truly dealt with this well. It started as a sporting brand into a sports-entertainment brand, and really now an entertainment-sport. Now, 50 years in, stadiums are sold out, and comments by players become catch phrases, like when New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms famously said in 1987, “I am going to Disney World!”. Today, Super Bowl Sunday continues to be the biggest entertainment event in America, increasing every year in fans, events, and profits.

It bigger every year

The huge exposure of the Super Bowl brings and makes millions of dollars in advertising. The advertising income from Super Bowl 2014 was more than 330 million U.S. dollars. An average 30-second ad-spot during that Super Bowl broadcast cost 4.5 million. The average American consumer spends around $89 on Super Bowl Sunday, at the very least. Items to be bought may be things like food and drinks, alcohol, televisions, furniture, team apparel, and decorations are just to name a few. In 2015, players on the winning team stand to make 102 thousand U.S. dollars for playing in the game, players on the losing team will receive 51 thousand U.S. dollars.

It is no secret that networks make a killing selling ads for the Super Bowl as a 30-second spot on NBC this year went for $4.2 million, a 75% increase in just the last eight years, but it was only recently that it became the biggest money-maker in North American sports. FOX.The halftime is a big deal at the Super Bowl due to the fact that famous musicians like Paul McCartney from the Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Prince, The Rolling Stones, U2, and The Black Eyed Peas have performed. The opportunities for television networks to get revenue is endless. The Super Bowl has created such a good opportunity for advertising that advertises will pay millions of dollars to get exposure.

The average American consumer plans to spend around 89 U.S. dollars on Super Bowl Sunday. This expenditure includes, among other things, food & beverages, televisions, furniture, team apparel & accessories and decorations. Also part of these expenditures is the money used to place bets on the game. In 2012, bets to the value of around 116 million U.S. were placed at casinos in the state of Nevada.

There are many interesting records set and fun facts about the NFL and Super Bowl games over time, and most are unbelievably out of this world. The following are just a starter, since there are so many. So far, some of the facts recorded are:

  • There has never been a Super Bowl that has went to overtime. The most points ever scored by a team in the Super Bowl
  • Each player on the winning team in 2001 received $88,000. The loser got $44,000. Not bad for losing!
  • The Vince Lombardi trophy is made by Tiffany & Co. of New York. It cost $25,000.
  • The 2011 Super Bowl was the most watched show in television history. It’s estimated that in North America 169 million people saw some portion of the game with an average of 111 million people watching at any given time!
  • U.S. Military personnel were able to watch the 2011 game from 132 different countries via the American Forces Network.
  • Over half of the Super Bowls have been played in the cities of New Orleans, Miami, or Los Angeles.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most Super Bowls with six wins. Two teams, the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys have won 5 Super Bowls.
  • The teams with the most losses are the Buffalo Bills, the Minnesota Vikings, and the Denver Broncos who each have lost 4 times.
  • The most points ever scored by a team in the Super Bowl is 55 by the San Francisco 49ers. The fewest points ever was 3 by the Miami Dolphins.

I enjoy playing football and have since the age of 7. Although making it professionally would be a dream come true, I would be foolish to depend on that and will be exploring my options and interests to go to a university. Even though I thought I was a football expert, I learned many new things and actually very much enjoyed writing this research paper. It’s amazing how much history a sports league can have as well as influence on society as a whole.


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