Why the Presidents of the United States and Russia Should Meet

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After the severe allegations that Russia had interfered with the US 2016 presidential election, President Trump wishes to invite the Russian President Putin for a visit to Washington. Though these two presidents are ruling powerful nations on earth, most sensible, fair-minded individuals or groups of individuals believe that the appointment should not happen since it may somehow interfere with the ongoing investigation about the matter. The Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats believes that Trump and Putin should not have had the two hours private meeting and that it is not appropriate for them to meet one on one during this period. In this essay, I reject Coats response since I believe that Trump and Putin have to meet since they rule powerful nations and they have to strategize on more important things, like future cooperation, rather than dwelling on the past misdoings.

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However, the meeting was cancelled, and relations do not look good. A few of the reasons for the meeting to be scrapped were: Some senators, like Sen. Jack Reed, D-Rhode Island, supported the cancellation of the meeting on the basis that it was happening in the times of indictments of (agents) 12 Russian in Justice Departments for election interference. Top-ranked persons in Trump’s party as well as member of the Democratic Party, made their opinions on the potential meeting known to the president, insisting it should be canceled due to the Russian indictments.

Most reasonable American citizens responded negatively towards the Putin visit to Washington since they believe that Putin and Trump collaborated in the 2016 election hackings. However, they did not just arrive at their decisions and opinions blindly, but instead, they were convinced from the many sources that explain what they believed must have happened during the 2016 US presidential election. The United States intelligence officials believe that Russian hackers made several trials prior to the 2016 election to invade main United State organizations even the White House and the state unit. The strategies were easy: distribute volleys of phishing emails and expected that any citizen clicked. One of the people who clicked was John Podesta, the head of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The New York Times search showed that Podesta aide noticed the dodgy email and sent it to his technician for more investigation. The aide mistakenly wrote that the email was just okay. This gave room to Moscow reach approximately 60,000 of Podesta’s emails. The attackers also penetrated the Democratic National Committee. The emails were then sent to the WikiLeaks website, which printed them prior to the US poll. These publications were all over the press bulletins and destroyed Clinton’s campaign. Security professionals trust that two Kremlin-linked groups were also part of the hacks. One was from the FSB spy agency, and the other one was from Russian military intelligence. Surprisingly, they seem not to have worked together.

My opinion is that President Trump and Russian President Putin should meet since the two nations have many trade agreements. Additionally, their meeting may not in any way affect the already existing evidence about the hacking. The United States intelligence officials, particularly the director Dan Coats argue that Trump and Putin should not meet one on one as the investigation is still in progress. He goes further and claims that if he had the chance of advising President Trump, he would advise him not to meet behind the doors with President Putin. He argues this way since he believes that this meeting might raise some questions or suspicion about the whereabouts of the two presidents and why the meeting must be private. Additionally, the United States intelligence officials believe that from the information they already have it is clear that Russia had interfered with the 2016 US election. The intelligence officials argue this way since in their entire lives they usually analyze some things that people may take to be normal or common but in the real sense have a hidden agenda in them. US intelligence officials believe that democracy can be compromised cyber voter interference.

My argument is that President Trump and the Russian President Putin should meet. It does matter what they are going to discuss during the meeting, but I believe that the meeting cannot change in the way the already existing evidence about the interference of the US election. Additionally, the investigation and news might raise some tension between the two nations and this meeting might help them clarify everything and be back to the usually good relationship that the two nations used to have. About the meeting being behind the doors, these are presidents of two powerful nations. What is wrong with them meeting privately? They might be having some important issues to discuss and which cannot be made public because of national security matters.

From the discussions, I had with my classmates and home mates, I realized that most of them considered my argument to be blind and insensitive. They claim that Trump meeting in person with Putin must be having some hidden agendas. But again I defend by asking whether Trump and Putin are not humans. If they are humans, then it is obvious they will wish to make things right so as to be good with everyone. However, still, there is no way I see this interfering with the ongoing investigation and the already found evidence.

In conclusion, the visit of President Putin to Washington has raised a lot of questions and debate. The US intelligence officials believe that the meeting should not happen. I reject this response and support the meetings since two powerful nations have to interact for them to be at peace with each other and do more business together.

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