Why the Street Crime is More Dangerous than White Collar Crime

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 How is street crime more dangerous than white collar crime? Well if you don’t know street crime is more assault, sex crimes, and drugs, while white collar crimes are more violation of trust like being scammed or getting robbed. Which means street crime is more dangerous than white collar crime. There is a big difference in the two but at the end of the day your punishment could be the same as someone else.

To get more in-depth, street crime as you know “generally involve crimes committed on the streets instead of offices” they involve assault, sex crimes, drug crimes, etc. Crimes like these are very serious and get people in a lot of trouble. They mostly cause injuries to people or property. Now white collar crimes are “typically financially motivated nonviolent crimes are characterized by deceit, concealment, or violation of a trust.” These crimes generally do not involve threat of physical force or violence towards anyone. The term “white collar” is synonymous with range of frauds and scams done by business and government professionals.

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In the United States the punishment/laws could be different than somewhere else. Depending on where you live a conviction can have a serious impact on your freedom. They expect that you act on getting yourself out of the situation you put yourself in “You owe it to yourself to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney” which can help out. Now in other parts of the world like japan they go off of how the United States serves there sentences.They say “Regardless of whether you have been arrested for a street crime / blue collar crime, have been accused of white collar criminal acts, or are under suspicion for a crime you need to act now”.

How the law takes action on the crimes and how federal judges decide the appropriate punishment for a white-collar defendant. According to the United States punishment for white collar crime would be some sort of probation. “ In the case of violation of probation for 6 months, except that, if the minimum term of the range is 30 years or more, the maximum may be life imprisonment.” The court must consider the seriousness of the crime they need to deter criminal conduct. Determining the particular sentence should consider “ the nature and circumstances of the offense and the history and characteristics of the defendant” along with other criminal information.

All crimes such as white collar, Street crime, and corporate crime are related. Corporate crime is more street crime because of how corporate crime is on the society.”Can include acts that occur in both public and private spaces” that’s both street and corporate crime. Corporate crime may also include environmental crime if a corporation damages the environment. C. Wright Mills started “corporate crime creates higher immorality”. Damages on society than street crime combined. Crime can be broadly defined but the two most common types of crimes are, street crime and corporate or white-collar crime.”Every year the Justice Department puts out an annual report titled “Crime in the United States ``''which covers some of the crimes that took place in that year.They share the rates of most of the street crimes from the BJS notes.”Robbery victimization increased from 1.7 per 1,000 persons in 2016 to 2.3 in 2017.” The BJS noted a lot and have shared all the information that helps show the differences in all the crimes.

The amount of crimes and violence in the United States is unreal! For example In this article there’s two women who got shot because of street crime “Two mothers in Chicago have been killed in a drive-by shooting as they stood on a street corner in an effort to deter gun violence.” According to the article, these women were “volunteers for Mothers Against Senseless Killings and had been camped out at the corner to prevent conflict.” Which then caused them to both get shot that evening.Crimes like these are very serious because these people were apart of someone else’s family and now they are dead. They also say “No arrests have yet been made” which is also a big deal because they are obviously harmful to people. These two women have been doing this for awhile “The group began occupying the corner around four years ago, and host barbeques there throughout the summer.” They also say that they hope “their constant presence will deter violence.” Which shows that they really are trying to help.

In conclusion throughout reading all of these articles and watching videos I believe that street crime is most definitely more dangerous than white collar crime. I say this because street crime involves a lot of weapons and hurting people and white collar crime focuses more on people scamming other people or dealing with fraud. Which I’m sure many people would rather go through white collar crime than going through street crime.

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