Why the Theme of Writing in a Movie is so Important

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The Pen is Mightier Than a Gun

Writing is an incredibly powerful tool that can change lives. And this ability to change lives through writing is shown all throughout the movie freedom writers. Also, not only does writing change each of their lives but it does it in multiple different ways. Such as how it brings them closer together and pushes them out of their comfort zone while also helping them understand each other, but it also helps give these kids have a sense of freedom they never felt before.

The kids writing and reading the stories of other people who have been through things like them and, maybe even worse makes them question why they do what they do. While also causing them to question the actions that are almost being forced upon them and go against what everyone else in their communities wants them to do. This growth in self and questioning what the right thing is truly is shown best when the young Latina girl is on the stand testifying against the young black man in order to save her friend from going to prison when she suddenly decides that she can’t send someone innocent of a crime they didn’t commit to jail. Which aids in sending the real murderer of the young Asian man to jail.

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Through writing the kids start understanding each other and see how they’re not so different. This is due to them sharing experiences that go on in their everyday lives and finding common connections in what happens to one another. This brings about the blurring of the racial lines in the classroom and aiding one another in excepting their similarities and differences while becoming a family of sorts. One point of this being prevalent in the movie is when one of the male students shares what he wrote involving his family being evicted and how the thought of seeing his friends from school in a few days gave him hope.

The theme of writing also aided in these students understanding the world around them and historical events that past teachers had been negligent enough not to teach them. Such as when they read the diary of Anne Frank which taught them about the holocaust. And all the travesties that occurred while also showing them something like a racial joke or comment about another race can lead to a snowball effect if in the wrong hands. Even if it’s just a racist drawing like one of the young men drew at the beginning of the movie jabbing at one of his black classmates.

Finally, the most important part of the theme of writing in the movie freedom writers is the sense of freedom it brings the students as they grow as people and learn. With writing in those journals that as long as they want only they will read they can express everything going on around them and get some of the stuff weighing them down off their chest. Which is critical in a lot of those student’s transformations. After all, these are young men and women dealing with seriously heavy stuff that most older people have trouble handling even with the knowledge of the time. Such as the young black man who had been apart of a gang since he was young but wanted to find a way out to be with his mother once again.

In conclusion, the theme of writing was incredibly important throughout the movie Freedom Writers. Partially due to how it shaped those kids and brought them all together but also aided in teaching them about the past and the world around them. Yet most importantly it gave those kids who felt trapped in a style of life they never thought they would ever escape a sense of freedom.

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