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Why This Generation Values Computers, Smartphones, and Video Games

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The generation that I live in now have three important items that represent their life: iPhones, laptops, and video games. These items are simple because they all relate to technology. If I were able to place items that represented my life and my generation in a capsule the size of a large suitcase to be buried in my backyard for 500 years, I would try to insert more complex items that actually symbolize something. The first item that I’d choose to put inside the time capsule will be my makeup bag – makeup included. The second item that would be placed next to my makeup bag will be a MacBook laptop, and lastly, I will place a picture of me with a well thought out quote attached to the back. These three items represent many important aspects of my life and the impact it has had on my generation.

Are you curious to know why the first item I chose would be a makeup bag? My reason is because we live in a world where women must live up to high standards. They must be intelligent, have a curvaceous body figure and most of all have a pretty face. I grew up having to hear the words “you’re ugly” by my family members, friends, and occasionally strangers. Most girls my age didn’t have the confidence to handle negative comments that pertain to their image, so we buried ourselves in makeup, beauty salons and fashion magazines to become what society recognizes as a “pretty” girl. There are many things that girls receive just by having a kept appearance. Appearance is what attract other people to you whether it be a lover, friends, or employers. But if your image is not “pretty”, your chances of receiving a lover, friends, or employers will be slim. I would know, I personally had to experience a situation where I didn’t have the right looks. I had braces, acne, glasses, and had become overweight by the time I become an eighth grader. I gave no regard to my looks and set out to make friends with my classmates. Unfortunately, they thought I looked weird so I become isolated from the class. Guys would glare and frown when they saw me walking down the halls. Everyone was laughing and having fun but me. So when summer arrived, I forced myself to change. Every day the thought of people laughing at me for not having a better appearance motivated me to change. I bought makeup, contacts, new clothes and I worked out every day. When the fall season arrived, I walked into high school excited to see how people would react, and their reaction was what I had expected. I was surrounded by new friends that only saw my outer appearance and guys that glanced in my direction with smiles I walked through the halls. This goes to show that the people in my generation believe looks are everything, society doesn’t really cares what you do and wont care who you are as long as you’re good looking. Being pretty isn’t the only thing you have to be to live in this generation, you also have to have the best and up-to-date technology.

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The second item that I would place in the time capsule would be my laptop. Technology is everything to the teenagers in this generation. You can do many things on a laptop, type essays, create presentations, edit pictures and most importantly, join social media. These days, it’s rare to see people making friends outside of social media sites because you can look anyone up online. The problem with social media is that it has created online bullying, stalking, and “catfishing”. Catfishing is defined as someone who poses to be someone else online to illicit, drugs, money, or sex from an individual. When I was 12, I saw my brother go onto this social media site called “Myspace”. Now, before “Myspace” became the website for musical artists, it was the coolest and the fastest way to connect with all your friends. At age 13, I was finally able to join this website and began adding people who I barely knew. Some were young, some were musical artists, but most were old men. Social media sites can be safe and fun if you have rules and boundaries set by your guardian, but when you have parents that did not understand technology and what it holds, you are granted full access to the internet. One day, I accepted a friend request from a girl that looked around my age, she seemed real so we quickly became friends. One day, she messaged me and asked to see me so that when we meet, she’d recognize me right away. I agreed and turned on my webcam. When I asked to see her, she quickly rejected and began to ask me to show parts of myself that my mother told me never to show. I became confused as to why she would ask. When I declined and got off the camera, she threated to come to my house and kill me. My reaction was running to the kitchen, grabbing my mom and telling her that we were going to die because I wouldn’t show my private parts. She runs into the room, reads the messages and calls the police. A few days later, we found that it was a 50 year old man on the other side of the computer. It’s shocking to know that it happens to almost everyone. This is why I would put a laptop in the time capsule – because it shows that technology although can be fun and a great learning experience, it can also be addictive and dangerous.

My last item would be a photo of myself smiling, holding a bowl of rice, and chopsticks. There will be a note attached to the back of the picture. This item will represent my life the most because it tells you exactly who I am. In the picture, the bowl of rice and chopsticks will represent my ethnicity, where I came from and how I was raised. I will be smiling in the picture because I am proud of who I am and what I have become. In the back of the picture, there will be a note that says “Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out?” because it is my favorite quote. Most teenagers these days are ashamed of who they are because with the issues of racism and gay rights that exist, people don’t want to admit that they’re gay, or hate the fact that they’re Jewish or African American. People believe it’s hard to live in a society where it’s frowned upon to be different from everyone else. I believe, in this society that the word “normal” doesn’t exist, only unique.

In conclusion, growing up, I’ve had to experience many things such as bullying, self-esteem issues, family problems, and broken hearts from relationships. There are many things that can create a huge impact in someone’s life. It could either impact them in a positive way by motivating them to change or it could impact them negatively, to the point where ending their life seems to be the only answer. Those three items that I decided to put in a time capsule not only represent my life and who I am, but it also gives a deeper message to the future generation that decides to open my time capsule.


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