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Why Tractor Maintenance Is Important

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Gary Shields once said ¨We are always doing maintenance and repairs on our lines, making sure everything is safe and in working order. ¨ ( gary shields ) This quote states that there is nothing wrong with having a strict maintenance process. Maintenance is important to keep everything running on schedule. Safety is always important to keep the operators or workers doing their job safely. Maintenance is important because everything that has a possibility for failure which is almost everything since it will fail eventually so it is best to maintain everything properly so it last as long as possible.

The process of maintaining machines and tractors take less time than repairing or replacing something that broke because it wasn’t maintained. small problems grow over time. “something is if something isn’t working exactly the way used to but it isn’t affecting your job in a big way,so we, something even making adjustments and how we use the piece of equipment to keep things moving. ” It is very expensive to wait on repairs sense the more that needs to be fixed the more it will cost but there is also a process that has to be done to decide whether to repair something or replace it or even how long it will take to repair or replace it.

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The bigger the problem the longer it will take to repair. “Big problems often translate to more down time, and more time means you’re suddenly behind and or unable to take on a new project. ” Having to repair more takes more time. Plus some parts take longer to ship compare to other is because of what they are and how their made. Keeping on schedule is always a good thing because it keeps everything is running smoothly. Keeping things on schedule helps to not miss important deadlines. there is always going to be a curveball but it all depends on how you either recover from it or how you deal with it.

The cost of doing something in a maintenance schedule is a lot less than having to repair or replace most likely something because it was never maintained and brakes. “Unplanned downtime can result in an idle employees, Halton production, Miss deadlines and- for property managers of hotels, Resorts, school campuses and other consumer-facing Industries -long-term damage to their brand. ” With all that being said with any of that happening it will cost the company because it was something that they should have in check that works properly so they don’t have to worry about expensive shipping fees. Or even having a project get canceled, because it won’t be done in time. Some people say as reality because it’s true time is money depending in what it’s being used for especially if it’s something that you need keep your company running and making sure because it will cost you money to fix and lose you money at the same time.


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