Why Twitter Is The Leading Social Media Site

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The World of Twitter

Over 200 Million active users worldwide use Twitter to connect with others and each other daily, and sometimes hourly(Fiergman). The primary reasons that Twitter exceeds other social sites is because it will connect one to strangers and friends all around the world, Twitter also has an easy to use quality, and they have a great mobile app to use on the go. Twitter itself has much better qualities and characteristics than most other social sites such as Facebook,Google plus, and yes, even myspace.

To Begin, Twitter was started in March of 2006 by main founders Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone(NPR). It introduced many new concepts that Facebook, their main competitor, had never thought: such new ideas as hashtags and tweets. Tweets are a 140 character message that one sends

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to share what one would be up to.(History of Twitter). Hashtags are a way, so to speak, of joining one’s virtual personal conversation. By using a # (hashtag) it makes it easier for users to find one’s “tweets”, meaning anyone can find them. It instantaneously became a hit across the world and many online users were soon switching from being Facebook addicts to now Twitter addicts. Many users use Twitter to mostly connect with friends, family, and idols, but Twitter also gives one the aspect of connecting with other people from around the world. As internet blogger Brandon Smith( said,”Twitter isn’t about following people you already know; it’s about engaging interesting people from all over the world”. As he said Twitter’s main focus is to have people follow and interact with people all around the world. Even though he said it is not about following people you already know, most people fit in that category and is an okay to do. Most people usually connect with the world by using hashtags and retweeting tweets from users. Also by following your favorites idols and learning more about themselves.

In Addition, Twitter has a much simpler and sleeker design than Facebook does. What Twitter did was keep the basic principles that led Facebook to success, but make it simpler, and they also threw in some new ideas. Instead of long messages that took up a lot of space on Facebook, Twitter introduced what they call “Tweets”, as explained earlier. Twitter also can let you Favorite a tweet,which is similar to liking a post on Facebook. It still lets you customize your profile the way you wish just like most social sites are doing nowadays. Twitter also introduced what they call trends, which are what the most popular and most hashtagged topics throughout the world. These trends change all the time and sometimes helps you find out about breaking news stories before they are on the nightly news.

Lastly, Twitter has produced a mobile app that is even much simpler to use than the actual website. Twitter now is available on all app markets including Apple and the Android Market. You can also use your phone to text tweets and it will automatically post it for you. It’s good for when you are out of wifi reach and do not want to waste data. The mobile version has mostly all of the same features as the website does except that it is crammed into a smaller space on a smaller screen. The mobile team at Twitter are always constantly updating the app to make sure the consumer will have the best possible experience.

Overall, Twitter itself has qualities that are much better than most other social sites.Twitter is a much better social media site than all of the others. With its sleek and simple design, it makes it easier to use, you can connect with anyone you desire to, and also it has a easy to mobile app that is much easier to use than most apps. Twitter has now become the most used social media site today, which should not be surprising based on all the great qualities this site has to offer.


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