Why Video Game Addiction is One of the Urgent Problems Today

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Video game addiction is a problem. People start out just playing video games for the fun of it. Yet playing video games can result in a serious addiction. There has been an increase in recent years for this addiction. This is because children are starting to play video games at a younger age for entertainment instead of playing outside. Also, people are inventing new games that are causing people to get hooked the second they start playing them. Today, many negative things are coming out of playing video games. There have been recent accidents that video games have caused between people. People become addicted to video games because they want to win every level of each game so they feel like they have really have accomplished something. People don’t realize that they need to be focused on accomplishing things in life. It is a problem because it results in negative emotional issues. People already have many different emotional issues and video game addiction precisely makes these issues much worse. Video game addiction causes people to be unstable in important areas of life and is much worse than many think. Overall, this addiction results in negative emotional issues because it triggers feelings of restlessness. Not being able to talk about emotional issues at a young age can lead to serious problems in the future. It is fixable for some people but irreversible for others because every person’s mind works in different ways. Not being able to let all emotions and thoughts out can cause critical anxiety and depression. These are very major conditions they need to be treated. It is not healthy mentally or emotionally for a person to not talk about these personal issues.

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Video game addiction is a problem because it takes away time to study and complete schoolwork. This interferes with earning a career and even graduating high school. These are irreversible problems that can cause permanent damage to a human beings life. Some students do not study anyway but all students need to be encouraged to study and have the will to succeed in life. Without a will to study or succeed, the problem will just get worse and unfixable. Students think that they can be successful in the gaming field and make a living off of it. This is not a normal career that you can actually make an income off of. When in reality, that is just an unrealistic illusion that is not going to come true. It is a problem because it also causes people to focus on unrealistic dilemmas rather than real problems. There comes to a certain point where it is necessary to learn how to deal with reality and not set it to the side. People should focus on real problems in life and actually do something about it. This causes people to focus on unrealistic dilemmas because they are so wrapped up in false information and fantasies. It is a problem because it causes people to stay up late and sleep during the day. Also, it is not healthy to be on an irregular sleeping schedule that wastes away the day even if sleeping is not an issue. Human beings need to get a certain amount of sleep in order to go on about life. Kids need at least 8 hours of sleep. Therefore, staying up playing video games is not very beneficial for a kids health. Adults also need at least 8 hours of rest each night. It is difficult for a normal person to get this much sleep, much less a person addicted to video game who stays up all night trying to get past a certain level.

It is a problem because it results in avoidance of responsibilities and socializing. Some people are not social at all anyway, but isolation does not help the situation. Not being able to have a conversation with someone shows defective social skills. Imperfect social skills are not uncommon at all for children at a young age. Once kids hit a certain age, they are expected to be able to carry on a conversation and interact with others. Also, normal children tend to start taking care of responsibilities at a young age. Kids who are addicted to these video games at a young age start to avoid doing schoolwork and do not focus on anything but the game. At a young age, this is severe because it will only get worse as the children grow older. Adults have many responsibilities like work and taking care of family. It is a problem if video game addiction interferes with these responsibilities. Video game addiction results in avoidance of everything but the actual game because that is all that the mind cares about when it is addicted. Video game addiction is a major issue and needs to be resolved for the sake of many individuals mental and emotional health. It is a fixable issue once realized it is possible to quit playing these addictive games. Even though it is difficult to overcome video game addiction, it is worth all of the hard work because life is easier when all priorities are aligned. Video game addiction is a problem throughout the country and needs to come to an end because of all of the danger it is capable of causing. The repercussions of this addiction are negative and will continue to impact people if something does not change over time. There are not many positives that come out of playing video games. Since this issue has increasingly become worse over the years, it will continue to do so because of all of children and adults who play these games every single day.

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