Why Violent Video Games Are Good for Girls

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In the essay “Why Violent Video Games Are Good for Girls” student Carmen Tieu attempts to prove that violent video games boost confidence in women, going further to communicate the idea of socialization disparities between men and women. The renowned debate of the true effects violent video games have on society usually compare two variables, the gaming population as a whole, against those who do not game at all. Tieu contrarily focusses on the female gaming population, claiming that by gaining insight into male subculture females are able to recognize the alternative socialization process men are proclaimed to possess.

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Tieu begins her essay by revealing an experience she encountered while in a game room lobby, attempting to give her audience the understanding of being a female who plays first person shooting games. She recognizes the opposing views that violent video games can influence amoral and sadistic behaviors and often sexualize women in a way that provides gratification for men.

Although the author’s claim is vaguely present throughout the essay, she veers from the main idea as there is no substantial claim made that involves proof or credibility. Tieu relies on her personal stories and experiences to appeal to pathos and logos, though her many assumptions and bias justification causes the appeal to logos to be neglected. Tieu’s use of unsupported logical appeals cause her readers to doubt her claim and question the validity of the entire argument. When comparing how men and women behave towards one another in different settings, the author describes male interaction as an impulsive and abusive manner. A problem with Tieu’s argument is her impulse to assert her specific viewpoint, yet opposingly categorize men and women by what she attempts to derive from, stereotypes. She states that all males are commonly “sexist jerks,” but also recognizes when they “show a softer side” when talking to girls. Tieu’s indecisive stance combined with the lack of informative or statistical evidence further communicates to readers that her argument is bias and can’t be a credible source to account for the benefit of violent video games for females.

Tieu creates a powerful environment when she reveals the adrenaline rush she receives beating testosterone driven men at something they are supposed to “excel’ at. The assumptions made by the author are bias and overly personal, therefore causing a loss of credibility in her argument. Rather than developing significant evidence to support her claim, Tieu sets a scene and assumes the occurrences specific to her are broadly representative of the entire gaming community. The author’s purpose of the essay is to inform her audience that violent video games prove to be beneficial to women, yet through the use of crude language and demeaning views against males in the gaming community, it is as if her true intention was to degrade men. Conjectures about male attitudes and behaviors varied throughout Tieu’s main claims, her insufficient ability to verify sources for evidence proves her claim furthermore as a mere presumption that all males are “sexist jerks” or “blatantly homophobic and misogynistic.”

Whilst Carmen Tieu’s “Why Violent Video Games Are Good for Girls” attempts to address socialization differences between males and females, her argumentative essay lacks evidence and a substantial claim to support the reasoning behind the benefits of violent video games for women. Tieu’s essay lays a foundation of experiences that prove positive effects for women and allow readers to develop a view of the issue based on her argument, but due to the imbalance of rhetorical appeals and biased representations the author loses credibility and the reader is left to question validity and reliability.

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