The Notable Accomplishments of George Danton During the French Revolution

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The Notable Accomplishments of George Danton During the French Revolution

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George Danton was one of the most influential figures of the French Revolution. Jacques Danton, his father, was a local prosecutorHis parents were pushing him into joining priesthood. He was more interested in law, worked as a defence lawyer in Reims. He moved from Reims to Paris Bought a venal office in Paris Danton volunteered in the National Guard During the summer of 1789, he launched the Cordeliers club, the most revolutionary political club during the French Revolution. He was the club’s president His view about a monarchy was undetermined. He didn’t really agree with the king. He didn’t show much interest on supporting the French Republic. Danton argued and wanted Louis XVI to be abdicated With Duke of Orleans ruling instead.

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Later, Danton was receiving money from Orlean and other royalists. Everyone surrounding his were doubting his political loyalties. He was accused of corruption. For that reason Danton travelled to England for a while. He later returned to Paris, wanted to have a seat as a candidate for the legislative assembly. His chance of winning a seat was unsuccessfull. He continued to be accepted and significant in Paris.

Danton succeeded on being the deputy prosecutor of the Paris Commune Danton’s speeches in the Cordeliers club on August 10, 1792. Helped overthrow the monarchy. Later, authorized as the minister of justice in the provisional government. September 2nd, 1792 Danton gave a public speech Addressed people to be boulder. He mentioned that they shouldn’t stay quit against the enemies of their country. People were convinced that these speeches encouraged the September Massacres. He was chosen to be an important figure of the National Convention. Voted for the execution of Louis XVI, he also braced both of these developments:

  • Revolutionary Tribunal Committee of Public Safety
  • Danton competed with Robespierre for power
  • Political colleague Conflict between them after the establishment of the CPS
  • He controlled the CPS.

Political perspective was unconventional. His goals as a ruler Unrush the Revolution. Make peace with Europe. Establish the rule of lawReconstruct the country. He later left the CPS in July 1793 Leadership of the committee taken over by Robespierre. Later the reign of terror occurred Increase of death and executions. Danton retired from politics because he was disgusted from the executions occuring to him and his followers.

Most powerful lawyer, he was later found guilty 14 of his supporter were sent to the guillotine. Robespierre and the Jacobins arranged his execution.


George Danton was an influential figure during the French revolution. He worked as a defense lawyer for a while. He was the president of the Cordeliers club, which was one of the most revolutionary clubs during the French Revolution. Danton was being doubted and accused of corruption by his political opponents. He also helped overthrow the monarchy. His speeches led the developments of the revolutionary tribunal and the committee of public safety. He retired from politics because he was disgusted from the reign of terror. He later, was executed by Robespierre and the Jacobins.

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