Why We Celebrate Veterans Day


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Veterans Day is an important and honored day in which people get the chance to show their respect and love to the men and women who fought for our country. Veterans are men and women who not only sacrifice their lives to step onto the battlefield, but they do a lot without recognition. In their homes and stores, but only those get left behind as witnesses of their actions. Their sacrifice of time means just as much as the sacrifice of their freedom and life when they go to war and fight. Veterans did not only become veterans for more respect in their hometown they became veterans because they had patriotism and the bravery it took, to be loyal enough to their country, to risk their own lives and limbs to stand up for freedom.

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These men and women appear for the entirety, that we as a nation fight to protect, everything that is significant in our lives. Our nation’s veterans vow to our security. With that, we can live our lives safe and not in terror knowing that the veterans are out there protecting us. This day is for people of every religion, to come together and be strong and support our nation. The veterans in our country show their true ability to be self-sacrificing, and helpful. They do not only go to war because they are bored or tired, or maybe because it’s their “duty”. They go because they love their country and have the will to fight and stand up for it.

So what is a veteran you ask? A veteran is a hero to our country, our lives, our families and friends, everything we love. A veteran is someone who risked their lives to show loyalty and patriotism. Whether they are active, discharged, retired, or reserved. There are no words with a big enough meaning, there isn’t a hug strong enough to heal their scars or their pains, there is no smile wide enough, but there is at least a thank you that many people can say to show appreciation for all that they’ve done. That’s why we have this one day every year that we say thank you, to all veterans, whether they can hear it or not people have a day when they can all show respect and say thank you to their services, whether it’s someone in their family or a stranger.

The first day that we as a nation, every religion, every belief started celebrating veterans day was on November 11, 1919. It’s otherwise known as the first anniversary of the end of world war 1. Everyone thanks you for all you do to defend, and protecting our flag the red, white, and blue. As Americans, we know what safety, peace, and joy feel like because they risked their lives and limbs for our freedom and to keep our nation safe. “There is nothing nobler than risking your life for your country” -Nick Lampton         

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