Why We Need to Reinforce Reading and Problem-solving Skills

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Practice makes the master; Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently – (Henry Ford). All students, at some point in their lives, have struggled with something at school; something they believe they will never be able to understand and will just be another stumbling block in their way. Reinforcing our reading and problem-solving skills is really important, especially for us as Engineers. We need to be able to solve any complication that comes up; reading opens up a new reality for us, we can extract new ideas and get inspired from readings; also, reading is directly related to solving problems. How are we going to be able to solve problems if we do not understand what we are reading?

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To be able to increase our learning we need to understand what we read. To increase our reading skills, we need to evaluate our reading and see where we need to improve. To understand what a text means, we need to learn new words used by professionals and increase our vocabulary. Matching our speed to the material we are reading improves our memory and understanding at different levels; when studying it is good to go at an average speed, preview, and re read the material for better understanding on the subject.

Problem Solving, as mentioned before, is directly related to reading, the better we understand what a problem is asking for us to solve, the more chances we have to get it right. Focusing on the solution, rather than in the problem is the first, it does not mean we should overlook it, rather just go over it and then start thinking about solution instead of questioning. Simplifying is a good element too, instead of going by the difficult stuff, we need to generalize the problem to make it easier. Going back to the basics might be what leads us to the right answer. Listing as many answers as we can come up with will enable us to have different techniques to use to solve a problem, which can also be written down on a mind map to understand what is the most effective way to get to the solution.

Has anyone ever thought why learning can be so stressing? That is because our learning process is not organized well. We need to have our curiosity for a topic, it has been scientifically proven that curiousness is one of the two primary mechanisms for our minds to learn including fear. One of the most effective techniques for learning is to explain a topic ourselves with a slight difference every time. This will keep the information in our long-term memory rather than just memorizing it for a short time period, and use it as skills in the future.

Preparing for a test in college is something students need to learn to do in the right way. Most think that just reading a review and looking through notes is enough, but it is way more complex than that. First, we need to figure out what we need to know, looking through the course syllabus and the organization of the information in the class, will allow us to realize what is the

most important that we need to learn for the test. Then, writing down the most important concepts, each with its most relevant information (definition, dates, people), will enable us to remember those, besides connecting them to different concepts to understand how different parts connect to others. As we all may know peers play a big role in our education, either the good or the bad way. Unfortunately for us studying Engineering, the “lone wolf” routine does not work anymore. Most of the instructors, advice that college students form study groups to go smoother and understand better the material; adding that having different perspectives allows us to better understand concepts. Also, in a study groups there is higher productivity, more supportive and carrying relationships, etc.

Changing the subject more into Engineering, we can use all these tools to understand more deeply the concepts, such as GPU. We can define mainly GPU as “Graphics Computing Unit”. It is a processor intended to alter memory to create images better and faster. While the GPU is plugged into the computer, GPU Computing comes in action; it is the process of using one unit for graphing processing to perform computing applications. It may differ on applications depending the field, for example, for Computer Architecture, a GPU is used to perform fast mathematical calculations, for rendering images. Most of the people only know CPU, what they miss is that GPU is more advanced in main matters; GPU has a better and faster performance than a CPU, while the CPU is the brains of a computer, GPU is the soul itself of the computer.

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