Why We Need to Study and Respect Art

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So, what do we first think of when we hear the word 'art'? Maybe some beautifully done portraits, colours splashing by and similar stuff. But does art really end there? At least I don't think so. You see, we cannot really separate art from our day-to-day lives even if we actually consciously try to do it. Art is ever-so-present everywhere. It is something that we're surrounded with without even noticing. It starts right from our very home where there are paintings and other decoratory works highlighting the otherwise plain walls and tables. Therefore we need to both study and respect art.

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But art is not something that you can pass as just another pleasing-to-the-eye existence. There comes in functional art- again something that we all come across every day. Like our homes where we live- it's an art of planning, almost every kind of construction we see, the languages we speak and even me standing here and giving this speech- an art that is public speaking.

We all listen to music, don't we? Music is one of the purest forms of art. It's not called the 'Universal Language' for nothing. It's a medium so powerful that it can transcend language barriers like no other and make the world a smaller yet better place. Music holds within itself, a natural healing capacity. And that's art again. It can influence even the most stubborn soul.

Art is also a huge part of our culture. It provides a deeper understanding of emotions and ideas. It is as abstract as it gets. Maybe a picture which I think demonstrates happiness, may come off as nostalgic or even sad to you. Just like water which takes the shape of the container it's poured in, art also takes the form of the mind that it is projected in. Trying to define art would be like trying to stuff the entire universe in your pocket. That's not possible, right? Art is larger than life itself.

Art holds the power to make you think. Think about it this way- if you're passing by your usual street and see a new public installation being put up there, you would definitely give it a glance at least once, right? Seeing it, you may think of things like, 'Who is the artist?' or 'What was the artist thinking while making this?'. There, it made you think!

Art can take you places- both literally and figuratively. You can visit places without even moving from your actual place. And technology also helps in this. Art speaks where words may fail. It is universally understood- then be it music, media, classic art, performing arts or even human behaviour.

That's right. I think that we, as humans, are art ourselves. Our individuality only serves as a proof for that. The way we learn, grow and live our lives speaks volumes about us. Each one of us is crafted uniquely and that makes us a walking piece of art. Why else do you think so many movies are made on the lives of different people? Because how people live their lives is an art. Life is a canvas on which our experiences splash colours.

Like Thomas Merton says, 'Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.' Self expression is an art. But then, it is said that, 'Expression that is not free, is not full.' And that's where art comes in; because it's very purpose is to portray the truths- just the way they are- without adulterating them with the colours of societal norms. Because normal is a vague word which only knows confining a person and art serves as those wings which frees a person from those confines.

So, considering art as just an extra, unessential part of our lives would be unfair, don't you think? Especially when it's so inseparable and ever-so-present everywhere. And that's why I believe that art is essential and that it's high time we take notice of that.

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