Growing Problem of Food Wasting

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“Wasting food is like stealing money from poor’, and that may look impressing but indeed that is very true. In every three seconds a person dies because of hunger. Every day a huge number of waste is produced, And even if 30 percent of food waste that a well fed person like you can give it to poor, innocent child from all over the world and there would be no sign of hunger which means it would be non-existent. One man’s junk could be another’s daily bread. But nowadays an issue about food waste is extended to the point where there is just waste and insufficient food to help each of our lives.

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Firstly, let us state that how is food waste actually been produced. By and large, 33% of food created for human consumption is wasted, estimating 1.3 billion tons every year. How many of you have thought about the food wastage of a company before buying their product? Well, some of you might have but just letting you know the company that you are shopping with, wastes over 1300 tons annually. And that is just one example. As per as Food and agriculture organization all the industrialized countries wastes about 1.5 trillion pounds of resources per year, which is entirely a whole net food production of the amounts of people below the poverty line.

This was only for industries, but we are food wasters too. Consistently, I see people throwing their trash here and there. At restaurants, at school, at home.

The results of food wastage around the world are totally and completely terrible. Food wastage and waste are big supporters of world hunger, in light of the fact there is not sufficient food left for everyone. One out of nine people suffer from the ill effects of world starving for food. Imagine, awakening each day with the stomach that is completely empty and wants some food. And hence, you might still be wondering “How does this problem affect me”? It doesn’t! Well you are very wrong. Food wastes affect the whole world, causing a great fall in the economy of our home countries. The food waste also releases greenhouse gases which highly contribute to the climate change, contamination of the air and executing creatures that are beauty of our earth. These unpleasant situations affect everybody both poor and rich. Both you and I. Also these problems will keep destroying the life on earth, until we as a whole, together, make a move.

Every decade our planet is gradually getting darker and darker due to the ozone depletion. There is still somewhat light left. A small portion of light still shines on earth, implying that we still have an opportunity to take care of this terrible issue and save some of our lives. In this case we need to do this, we need to do this now, before all the light is gone.

Lessen the food waste done by each one of us every day. These means change your daily life, as only purchase the food that you are really going to eat to limit the waste and save the world. So limiting the waste you produce on the everyday is a required commitment from every one of us, and it can start the moment you leave this room.

We all should be having food to eat. No human alive should rest on an empty stomach or not have the vitamins required for survival. Hence, we as a whole need to make a move instantly. We have to limit our local food waste. We should keep in mind the results of wastage to people, nature and the economy. We have to give to organizations that trust to end world starving, and we have to do this correct now before the results destroy us, and all that we live for.

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