Why We Should Stop the Animal Abuse

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Every sixty seconds an animal is abused which leads it to its death, and it’s all because of our selfishness and greediness. All animals have the right to live on earth as a happy creature, but when it comes to their pain and misery we the people become heartless. We end up leading animals to their extinction which affects the whole food cycle and our environment. As a result, when we abuse animals we are also affecting our lives in a negative way.

To begin with, some of the society industries have impacted animals greatly in a negative way. When animals are abused in the agricultural industry the animal is caged up and not allowed to walk around. The animal lives in terrible conditions and the area can also have bad hygiene. Also, animals are sometimes forced to reproduce with other animals of their species, so that the farmers/people can have a better economic life. This is in fact really depressing because it shows that people only care about themselves and not the animals. Another social industry is the beauty/cosmetic industry. Cosmetics can be a lot of fun but there is a dark side of it too. This is because even though animal testing is not required 100 million animals are still being used for experiments making them experience a lot of pain. When tests are complete, these animals are typically “disposed” of … all for the sake of proving that chemicals and compounds that have been safely applied for years are okay for human use. A shocking and sad matter that happens is that the U.S. law approves animal testing. The law allows the animal to be burned, shocked, poisoned, isolated, starved, drowned, addicted to drugs, and brain damage. So of the animals that are tested on are primates, dogs, rats, pigs, fish, rabbits, and cats are just a few of the animals who are routinely used in these tests.

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Furthermore, we want to spread the message of how animal cruelty is wrong and has many effects on the world we live in today. Statistics show that children who witness abuse towards animals are three times more likely to abuse an animal. The child can show an abusive relationship in the future. When a child sees animal abuse it can traumatic and worsen a child’s mental health. Data shows that a lot of animals are targeted by those who abuse their children or spouses. In a survey, 71% of victims of domestic violence reported their abusers also abused animals.

On the other hand, there were many things we can do to solve and end put an end to animal cruelty. Communities can come together by learning to love animals. Individuals can start off with something simple for example, rescue a pet in danger, volunteering at an animal shelter, or just simply recycling more. By doing these small acts of kindness, the animals will have a better life and it is less likely for them to be close to extinction.

To add on, this is a public issue because it can affect us as well. Animals are the creatures of nature. If people can hurt something as simple as an animal then most likely the person will move on to someone of their own kind. By killing animals at one point their species can become extinct. For example, a black rhino is an endangered species because people hunt them for their horns. But if we stop hunting them their species would grow and escape from extinction. By doing things like volunteering, signing petitions, avoiding products that come from companies that pollute, etc. you can save the life of an animal. If you find it hard to do those tasks then you can just do simple duties like recycling, reduce water usage, etc..

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