Why Wearing Mask is Important More than Ever During the Covid Crisis

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If you go out side without a mask you will probably chances of getting this virus. In Honk Kong, if you go out side without wearing a mask these days, Seoul or Tokyo, you will get harm from virus and you will not find it earlier.

From the widespread of the Coronavirus, the wearing of mask becomes more important than anything, anyone could caught with Corona symptoms. While in other part of the earth, in countries like United Kingdom ans United States, Singapore and Sydney as well, people permit their selves to go around without mask. If they are not wearing the mask for avoidance, its probably about culture and country’s history.

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The question arises here;

  • Since the virus spread, many in China becomes frightened.
  • Can mask resist the outbreak of Corona?

There has been as official announcement to wear mask whenever you go out;

There’s has been declaring the official statement about mask by World Health Organization clearly to wear the mask and wash your hands after some time. Two kinds of people should wear mask, 1st one who is sick and 2nd who care for people and could get this virus. There is no need for others to wear a mask due to some reasons.

The first reason is the mask is not protecting the people but its an avoidance thing for them. According to research, this virus spread through tiny droplets not from the air. That’s why, doctors and many scientists speaks about washing hand after some minutes which is more efficient way to remove virus. When you remove a mask, don’t touch your face by your hand as it can spread the virus on your face and can be get into by your mouth which more dangerous.

All people of Asia’s part starts wearing mask before asked to wear which is more safeguard thing for people. There has been a conclusion about mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan that their citizens or even healthy people could have the virus in them. So, to care for others you need to secure yourself from this Corona. The Govt of these cities in China forcing to its people to wear mask and if they don’t wear it they could be in the jail for not wearing it.

In many countries the mask wearing is not in their routine like West, those people who do wear masks are being damaged and couldn't tell that mask wear is an Asian. But there is a point to ponder thing for those societies and towns who give first priority to wear the mask, the skilled persons are doing questions to WHO about this.

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