Why Working Hard in Any Academic Institution is Important

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When cheating I believe that we may temporarily improve our well-being, while in the long run cheating is detrimental to our success in life. By cheating we don’t learn anything, which ultimately causes us to have a lower intelligence. In turn, this will decrease our well-being in life as in order to hold a high paying job we must apply our intelligence. Our skills in the workplace are developed throughout our academic tenure. Therefore, it is necessary to work hard during our developing years at academic institutions in order to peak our intelligence for our careers ahead.

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In addition to this, the authenticity of one’s work is key in identifying the meaningfulness. Therefore, when cheating there is no authenticity when stealing the work of another. This means the work has no meaningfulness as there is no personal input. It may help your overall goal of obtaining a good grade, yet you may hurt your relationships in doing so. Those who are being copied off of are never comfortable as there work is jeopardized with the possibility of getting caught. Personally, I always believe it is better for friends to work together in studying leading to a better grasp of the material on hand. Lastly, obviously the chance of getting caught cheating would lead to failure in all categories. We would hurt are friends as they would be questioned in regards to if they were involved. Next, most policies result in the student cheating getting a zero on the work which is clearly not the goal. This also is a negative casual impact as we are apologetic to our friends and now must work harder to obtain our goal of a certain grade for the course.

Returning to the concept of well-being we look back at the idea of its constant fluctuation. As I mentioned earlier this is why there is a distinction between the short and long run. The short term well-being is increased in the situation when a higher grade is obtained by cheating rather than if the student wouldn’t have cheated. This is because obviously the students current grade would reflect higher than had it been their own work. However, when trying to retrieve this material at a later time the student who cheated most likely will not recollect the subject material. For instance, if an accounting major cheats on a test for which they haven’t studied, and then is required by an employer later in life to do an analysis of a firm’s financial records they are more than likely going to make mistakes. With the current accounting laws and regulations this worker may be subject to fines or indictment. Obviously, this not only hurts the employee, but also the firm and the family who was relying on the income of their mother/father. When looking at it from this perspective it is obvious we would have rather studied harder for the test instead of dealing with the penalties to follow.

When zoning in on meaningfulness we often hear that in life choose a career doing something that you love to do. If we are cheating then it is obvious we have no care in learning the material. It is evident in these situations that we are solely trying to survive the course and get by. However, this reflects as not caring about the actual subject material and may prove that this is something we don’t enjoy in life. Therefore, at this time it may be something to re-evaluate considering if it is something we want to carry on with as our profession. When selecting a career I believe we must recognize that this is something we will dedicate the majority of our life too. The only way to be a top performer in your profession is by buying into getting better by working on our weaknesses and sharpening the main credentials for which it takes to be successful.

In conclusion, it is clearly more beneficial to us and those around us when we do our own work. Even if we struggle at times we must recognize that everyone faces struggles which we must overcome. When going to school we are consistently reminded of all the ways in which we can seek extra help. It is our teacher’s duty to provide extra office hours in which if we are struggling we can see them. There is no teacher who hopes to fail you or wants you to struggle in their course. If you are willing to put in the time then so are they. Even the most successful CEO’s and companies individually face dilemmas which they must battle and seek the most progressive outcomes to. There would be no innovation if we didn’t face adversity in life. Ultimately, the key to being successful is dedicating time and effort into the project of becoming the best person you can be. Not all of us are going to be overwhelmingly successful, yet by doing our own work and developing ourselves we provide more promise for being good in whatever field we endure later in life.

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