Why World History Is Important

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Studying and sitting through classes can be boring at one point or another for everyone, but not many people consider how important the information may actually be. Many students get annoyed at teachers for pounding the facts into their heads, however those facts may be useful in the world one day especially when it comes to learning World history. The history of the world contains many important events that today’s society can learn from and build off of in the future. Historians tend to focus on greater ideas and patterns of the world to create a main picture to share with others and grow from there. There are three ideas that most historians tend to focus on to further build research questions; scale, themes, and details. Studying World History has a great significance to those who choose to learn it, and by remembering to consider scale, themes, and details, people can get a better understanding of how our society works, and build a greater picture by using many different details to learn from past mistakes.

History will doubtlessly repeat itself eventually, and has in the past, making it even more important to carefully study the larger-scaled events that had a greater impact on the world. From this we can gather crucial knowledge, build up a better foundation of understanding, and make medical, technology, and social advances to help prevent these events from repeating. A quote from an article titled What is World History states, “…A world Historian would probably not devote extended time to studying the specific details in the diary of Christopher Columbus… However, a world historian would study the several centuries of interactions between Europe, the Americas, and Africa that resulted from Columbus’s voyages (Khan Academy).” While detail is a very important aspect of World History, as we can understand from this example, more information and facts about how great of an impact Columbus had on today’s world can be gathered from the interactions throughout the world over a long period of time, rather than a very detailed diary talking about his opinions and possibly personal relations or ideas. That will allows us to recognize the positive events and the negative events that has occured in the past and improve our ways of living.

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The world has seen many examples of this happening,which include the new medicines made to prevent disease, and phones/emails to make communicating between one another easier. As mentioned previously details can play a major role in world history along with themes. Specific details however, help people completely and clearly understand historical context while themes will guide the process of creating the greater picture to understand how our society functions. An example of important details is from the silk road, and according the the article What is World History, “… the Silk Road is a subject of world historical interest because because it provides instances of economic, cultural, and environmental interactions… By zooming in on some specific examples of these interactions you can start to develop a wider understanding (Khan academy)…” Knowing this it is safe to say that detail also play a major role. Minor details such as trade patterns or how civilizations adapted to technology and diseases can contribute to understanding the greater picture of how the world go to the way it is today and many other ideas.


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