The Essential Use of Writing for Legal Practitioners

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Microcomputers in Social Sciences involves conducting administrative functions, such as written communications that are essential to my success in this course. Necessary background research must be done to inform the reader, establish logical arguments, answer thought provoking questions, and make accurate claims. An effective writing assignment should always encourage critical thinking. Word processing and Excel spreadsheets are important tools utilized in this course for creating, editing, organizing, and formatting reports, writing projects, and other various data.

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I plan to utilize my Bachelors of Arts in Political Science to pursue a career in the legal field as a criminal attorney, and then transition to a judge. Among other necessary skills (e.g., public speaking, analytical skills, interpersonal skills, and researching skills), writing is essential to legal practitioners because it is a key factor in winning court cases. In order to win cases, attorneys have “to communicate the solution to the client, supervisor, or judge. Much of this communication occurs in writing”. Attorneys in law firms, government offices, and public interest organizations compose office memoranda, client letters, court briefs, pleadings, and many other documents. Lawyers working in the legislature draft bills and analyze proposed legislation. Judges and their law clerks write court opinions. These legal documents have to be clear and precise. Following extensive research, lawyers must then combine their findings into persuasive arguments. Furthermore, these legal documents also include complex and detailed information with the use of specialized terminology. According to the National Commission on Writing for Families, Schools, and Colleges (NCW), a survey indicated that writing is essential for hiring and promotions, and “two-thirds of salaried employees in large American companies have some writing responsibility” (College Board, 2004). Therefore, effective writing in the workplace is essential and can significantly increase employment opportunities. An article in the Internet Writing Journal explained how employers are looking for candidates who know the audience to determine the best way to convey their message, are able to recognize and eliminate the use of a passive voice, proofread to prevent punctuation and grammatical errors, and writes using gender-neutral language. Apart from this, writing is also a key skill in creating an outstanding resume and cover letter. These two documents are intended for a job candidates to sell themselves. Employers tend to look for specific keywords, acquired skills, and accomplishments that stand out with little to no grammatical errors.

I believe my writing skills are excellent because it is my favorite hobby. I have always been good at expressing my thoughts and feelings into written words. I grew up being extremely shy, quiet, and withdrawn. Suffering from social anxiety fueled my passion for writing because I was able to write down what I could not say. Being an avid reader has also helped me to become an effective writer because it gives me more knowledge on various subjects that interests me as well as expand my vocabulary. I take pride in my work because it gives me chance to improve, increases my productivity, and allows me to embrace my role as a writer. I’m always looking for new ways to improve my writing skills and I value constructive criticism from others. After reading some of my past school essays and journal entries, I found that I can sometimes be redundant. This error leads to a lack of conciseness in my writing. I am practicing more to remove it, though not entirely because I have discovered that it adds emphasis in specific situations, especially in compelling and persuasive essays. I have also noticed that procrastinating often causes me to have many grammatical errors in my work since I have to rush to get it done.

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