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Why You Are Failing To Reach Your Potential

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Every one of us has gone through a phase in life when we gave our best and still didn’t get the result we desired for. A student may have worked hard entire year but still failed to score good grades or a corporate guy after working so much on a presentation, and someone else took the credit for his work.

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Every one of us deserves to be happy in our life, but we often forget that happiness is within our hands and end up accusing someone else of our current predicament. There are certain flaws in our character that can be responsible for such situations. Astrology is a branch of science which believes these flaws in our character are often governed by our zodiac sign. To educate our readers, we will take each zodiac signs and discuss their flaws; so watch out for your horoscope and know why you are failing to reach your potential:

Capricorn: The January borns sometimes have a problem with accepting the way they are. They feel the person they actually are may not be liked by everyone, which is far from reality. They suffer from low self-esteem. So, stop be pretentious and embrace who you really are.

Virgo: September borns have a problem of disapproving when it comes to judging themselves. They are very lenient when they judge someone else but are cruelly harsh on themselves. A Virgo feels he can do a lot better than he is presently doing. This mentality may prove to be helpful, or it can be disastrous.

Taurus: The April born bulls have a habit of obsessing with the past instead of focusing in the present. They love to reminisce about their past and how he could have done things differently. In other words, they can’t let go of things easily and end up damaging the present as well as the future. For example, a Taurus takes a lot of time over a failed relation or a failed goal in life and puts the present state in the back seat.

Aquarius: This kind of people has an obsession with making the same mistake again and again. They will approach a problem in the same manner and in spite of knowing that they failed last time, will expect a positive outcome. They cannot accept anything new in their life and fear that new experience may not be desirable.

Libra: The October borns live in constant fear about a new experience in life. It can be hard for anyone to take up a new adventure but Librans are obsessed about it and end up staying in their comfort zone. For example, a Libra guy will always resist that trekking trip with his friend out of fear of ending up injuring himself.

Gemini: Geminians have a problem with embracing pessimistic thoughts in their mind. They can be very supportive of others, but they see themselves in a darker light. There will always be small issues which will remain incomplete. They need to get over this negativity and bask in the positive energy radiating from their soul. A Gemini girl can do wonders in life and be successful in any field if she can get rid of this depressing attitude.

Pisces: The March borns can be a little pretentious in nature. They will always try to hide their unhappiness and pretend to be happy in front of everyone. Piscesians needs to come to terms with the truth that they are unhappy so that others can try a little to make him happy.

Scorpio: The scorpions have a habit of pleasing every people they know. A scorpion feels like they owe it to the people around them to please others desire. He needs to realise that, he does not owe anything to anybody and start to prioritise himself above others. A scorpion should start making efforts which will make him happy instead of others.

Cancer: The Cancerians have an obsession about their physical appearance. In a world where the cosmetic industry is the most profit making industry, it’s alright to be obsessed with looks. But a Cancerian fails to see how beautiful they are in their own way.

Sagittarius: The December borns are very compromising in nature, and they end up pretending that are happy in spite of their sacrifice. People around them may not share the same feeling about sacrifices and this result in constant unhappiness in their life.

Leo: The Leo has a tendency to give up on the dreams they once had; maybe they often get weighed down by the things going on in their life and end up sacrificing their dreams. To adjust to the situation, they leave their dream and settle for something which is more realistic with the situation.

Aries: The Aries have a tendency of comparing themselves with other people. This insecurity about them makes them unhappy. They become so insecure that they fail to see how unique the way they are and end up being sad in life.


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