Why You Cannot Love Someone because of How Pretty They May Look Based on Love Story of Romeo and Juliet

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Today all guys want is sex and nothing else. I mean all guys are players. They’ll use a girl and throw her away like used tissue. Now I am against the idea of love. Yes, there was love 50 years ago. But it’s the 21st century. Men just need objects to satisfy their needs. They want pleasure, not LOVE! They'll utilize sexy women and then forget their names. Kids and teens are losing their virginity so young. This world has come to greed and lust only.

It is impossible to find love, In the end, there will be heartbreaks. I mean even if they say that they love you, he’ll put a sexy woman in front of himself and he will assault her. They will have affairs with other women, go to clubs, stare at people making out and make out with other women. one-night stands are all there is today. I do hope to be proven wrong in the future, but sadly that is not possible.

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Do you think you love someone? You can't love someone for who they are, because people can never know each other 100%. When you think you're in love, it's your mind playing with reality and makes your 'lover' perfect for you (perfect does not exist, nor does love). Maybe you think you love someone, but I bet that one of you will love the other one more, and the one who loves most, will be used in this evil game called love. Be with someone you trust, respect and admire. Not love like a hypocrite.

The definition of love is having a deep affection for someone. I believe that true love occurs over time. You invest your time into someone which causes you to love them. When people say, 'It was love at first sight', it causes me to wonder if it was really a deep affection sparked by looking at each other. In my opinion, it was 'lust at first sight'. The relationship was based solely on looks, and not on any character traits. If you look at the love story of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo was madly in love with Rosaline in the beginning because she was so beautiful.

Therefore he became dangerously depressed when he found out he couldn't be with her. When he saw Juliet at a party one night, he completely forgot about Rosaline because Juliet was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. This proves the fact that you cannot love someone because of how pretty they may look, you fall in love with them based on their personality.  

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