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Why You Should Donate Expiry Drugs

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Frustrated Issue: Expiring Medical Supplies

I’ve found out that most medical supplies have drug expiration dates above the set limit of 0.005%, but it was frustrating to note that all these resulted from overstocking; poor prescription tendencies by medical practitioners; poor stock rotation, delivery of short-dated drugs from the supplier; and unreliably minimum and maximum order levels. Therefore, plenty of drugs were piled up, while they still can be used by other people in need, medical practitioners took advantage of selling them to other companies, or even dumping them. Target group: Medical Staff 2 Unhappy Issue: Having to help pick up the slack in my current workplace.

There was plenty of commotion just collecting the tools. The coworkers feared most of the regulations forbid the collection of expired products, even when some products can be easily sterilized and utilized.

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Hopelessness Issue: Families in 3rd world countries unable to get medical help.

People in the third world are in extreme poverty, and some cannot afford to get medication because of high priced drugs. Drug donations would provide benefits such as tax deductions making them affordable for such patients.

Irritated Issue: Surgeons wasting product

I found that strict infection protocols in surgical rooms propagated medical wastage. While the desire to keep surgical tools scrupulously sterile is well-founded, surgeons were going a little overboard. Once something has been brought into the operating room, it can be discarded after a procedure, even if it hasn’t been used. This was the disregard of the price of the tool. Some surgical tools were expensive. Target group: Doctors/ OR Staff 5 Angry Issue: Medical supplies being trashed.

It was very frustrating watching supplies go in the dumpster that could’ve improved many people’s lives around the world. It is also maddening to think that bureaucrats who get Cadillac health care are making decisions by impeding things.

I also watched while some facilities were flushing pharmaceuticals down the toilet. Surely, sewage treatment is not set up to handle medicines, and while these can be used to save many desperate lives out.

Target Customer/Group

The clients I will center around are doctor’s facilities. I will gather their lapsed or terminating therapeutic supplies. I will then reach out to medical missionary groups who need medical supplies. I would then stretch out my administrations to veterinary doctor’s facilities and medicinal schools.

Pain Point

My torment point for this theme gets me the most disappointed is healing centers have lapsed or destined to be obsolete restorative supplies. These offices at that point squander the item by destroying it, rejecting it, or re-pitching it to an organization that can re-clean the item. Indeed, a few offices were flushing pharmaceuticals down the latrine.

Instead of being utilized to spare an existence, meds were running down the sewage frameworks and wound up being released into brooks and waterways, causing the feminization of fish. For what reason can’t these healing facilities give these provisions to non-benefit therapeutic preacher bunches who go to third world nations? People in undeveloped and creating districts of the world, for example, regularly experience the ill effects of continuous ailments, because of an absence of legitimate social insurance offices and current prescription. More than 200 million children worldwide under age five don’t get primary health care, leading to nearly 10 million deaths annually from treatable ailments like diarrhea and pneumonia.

Strategic Plan

Try not to dispose or exchange. It can save a life. Is it accurate to say that you are mindful that similar medicinal supplies your organization uses can spare an existence regardless of whether the item is never again being utilized or lapsed at your office? Oh, my goodness how and why you shouldn’t try to junk lapsed therapeutic supplies.

Rather than dumping the medications, there are numerous individuals in underdeveloped nations who couldn’t manage the cost of a prescription, and such medications, when remained careful, would lessen the vast majority of the diseases these individuals are stood up.

Through a coordinated effort with missionary groups, like the World Medical Samaritan’s Purse, the gave medications can be effectively diverted to achieve the destitute patients in third world nations.


The goal is to raise $1,400,000, or an equivalent medical supplies donation. Measurable During the campaign’s end, we will be able to measure the amount and donations that have been raised against the set goal.

Ambitious/Attainable – As much as this year’s goal is more than they raised last year, Jane has considered the conditions that make this increase possible. Though it may be challenging, it is attainable. Relevant Jane’s email explains that reaching their fundraising goal will help 3,000,000 lives gain access to medical supplies and continue their methodological lifestyle.


The annual campaign has a distinct beginning and end. It begins September 1st and ends September 17th.

Creative Content

Jane works for medical missionary groups, the World Medical Samaritan’s Purse, a nonprofit agency that provides medical supplies for children in need. She is planning an annual donation to be held on September 17, 2018, to be held in WHO headquarters. The following email sent by Jane to the organization’s staff indicates the nature of the donation program:

Hello everyone, I know you’re all excited about our upcoming donation event and are eager to know what we are planning. This year’s campaign will begin September 1st and run through September 16th. Our number one goal this year is to raise at least $1,400,000, or an equivalent of medical donations so that we can save at least 3,000,000 lives who lack the necessary medications in 3rd world countries.

Last year, we managed to medical supplies an equivalent of $1,124,500 so, although this year’s target is aggressive, I think the addition of our development assistant and the improving economy make it possible. In the coming weeks, we will finalize our plans for recruiting fundraisers and donors, but I wanted you all to know our goal as soon as possible.

Best Regards, Jane

Why You Should Donate

The World Medical Samaritan’s Purse is one of the internationally perceived medicinal guides minister facilities that encourages medicated gifts to the third world nations. Today, 200 million children all including under age five, can’t receive essential remedial services, bringing about almost 10 million deaths every year from treatable diseases like loose bowels and pneumonia, a U.S.- based philanthropy said Wednesday. Nearly all the fatality occurs in the developing world, with underprivileged kids facing twice the risk of dying compared to wealthy kids, as indicated by Save the Children’s global report.

The expiration date, as required by United States law, beginning in 1979, indicates the date the manufacturer guarantees the full safety and potency of the drug. During the time of the medication expiry date, the medicine must be at least 90% of the original vigor given they are under proper storage conditions.

However, the expiration date does not indicate the point when a medication loses vigor, or they are no longer effective or becomes harmful. In fact, expired drugs haven’t necessarily lost their efficacy and power. The expiration date only indicates an assurance that the labeled potency and efficacy will last at least until that date. Recent research indicates that stored under optimal conditions, most of the drugs retain up to 90% of their potency and efficacy for at least five years after the labeled date of expiry, and sometimes longer. They may even, escalate up to 10 years after the date of expiry and many pharmaceuticals still retain a significant amount of their initial potency.

By law and for safety reasons, pharmacies won’t take back medications once they purchase them. Unused medications are thrown away with the idea that there is no use for them. They are discarded in dumps or go down the drain to the lakes, polluting them. And yet, each year, it is maddening to learn that health centers send billions of dollars’ worth of medicines to become destroyed. But, there might be a use yet. Medications that have expired for six months cannot be used in the U.S. Nonetheless, underdeveloped countries still accept them as donations from a variety of organizations including World Medical Relief.

Instead of dumping the drugs, there are plenty of people in third world countries who can’t afford medication, and such drugs, if kept safe, would reduce most of the infections these people are confronted with.

Drug donations provide benefits such as tax deductions and are a very convenient way for industries to get rid of stagnant stocks without having to pay for their controlled and expensive destruction in their country of origin.


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