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Why You Should Express Your Thoughts

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Argumentative Essay: Is it better to keep quiet or speak up?

Quick! What is the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights? What is America known for? It’s freedom of speech. We did not travel across another continent just to continue to be silenced! It should be remembered that speaking up for oneself is important because it builds character, draws attention to one’s values, and is more beneficial than staying silent.

In movies and culture, people admire those with loud, strong voices. Anyone can be that respectable figure if one gains the courage to speak their mind. If one shuts out their thoughts from the rest of the world, they are too feeble to gain any respect because they do not have enough self-respect to stop people from hurting them. Public speaking is often taken as a class because it is that crucial to offer one’s thoughts and develop bravery. In contrast, keeping to oneself out of shyness gets nothing done, so people should practice being comfortable with having their thoughts expressed. Otherwise, one will just have to live with the regret that something could have been different but they settled for less.

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Expressing perspectives on any issue is important because it sheds light on what are the values of the society. As seen through the Civil Rights Movement, Black Lives Matter, and other protest movements, many benefits proceed from speaking up. Martin Luther King, who represented the black community, stood up for fundamental equal rights and treatment. His call to action presented lots of turmoil in the 1960’s but raised awareness that racism is an essential problem that must be stopped. With his voice among other black protestors, blacks and whites now integrate more peacefully fifty years later. Similarly in the Black Lives Matter movement, there has recently been a skyrocket in attention to how the police should keep watch of communities, eventually raising debates over gun laws. Had neither of these movements formed to express thousands of communities’ desires for freedom, the world would be a much more backwards place today.

The main reason why speaking up is crucial is because some beneficial outcomes result from it in contrast to staying silent. When one does not express their views on an issue, it is like they don’t even exist. Their views will not be accounted for. Thus, a horrible decision can be made, meaning that silence can be approval for unfortunate happenings. For example, in presidential elections, many citizens remain at home instead of casting their ballots because they believe that their one vote is nothing compared to millions of other voters. However, this inactive type of thinking is destructive. Because thousands of other voters think the same thing, eventually in majorly controversial elections, candidates can win by two votes, all because a few people thought their opinion did not matter. What happened to consent of the governed? Instead, one should be more confident because the little changes that everyone performs accumulates into one big change. As such, if more people spoke up, the American people could have had Al Gore as the president instead of George Bush.

Consequently, the next time a triggering issue arises, one should express their opinion to demonstrate courage and induce positive future change. New opinions lead to new ideas which lead to a successful future.


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