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Why You Should Learn CPR?

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You have most likely heard of someone get called a hero for saving someone with CPR; whether it be on the news, from your peers, or your brother’s cousin’s wife you met at a seminar. At one point, you may have thought, “Wow, that person was so lucky to be near someone who knows CPR.” Lucky indeed, but what if I told you that you can become a part of someone’s luck? We could probably list only two to three people in our lives who know how to perform CPR, so why not add another person into that list? That person, being YOU?

Why you should learn CPR

Now, learning CPR could be quite daunting. But if you think about it, saving someone’s life? That is something you cannot forget. A difference made in a world of 7 billion people. Enumerating all the reasons to why you should learn CPR would make quite a long list, but here’s five of them according to Everyday Health:

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  • CPR saves lives. More than 300,000 people have cardiac arrests in the United States every year.
  • CPR is not performed enough.
  • You don’t have to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
  • Hands-only CPR is easy to learn.
  • Most cardiac arrests occur in the home.

“Results also showed that more than 90 percent of participants said they would take first aid and CPR/AED training if their employer offered it, and 80 percent said that it was ‘simply the right thing to do,’” according to the Safety and Health magazine. Basically, learning CPR is just the right thing to do.

How you can learn CPR

If you’re a student, some schools provide lessons about CPR. If you aren’t or if your school does not provide lessons, you can approach local authorities and ask them to inform you if there is an upcoming seminar. Most health teachers know how to perform CPR since teaching CPR to students may have already been or will be part of their lesson plan. If possible, check if equipment is involved to assist your learning experience. Studies have proven that learning is much more effective if physical activity is involved. Experience is the best teacher. And if you have time, look up CPR on the internet so you know what to expect.

However, if you cannot take up any classes, it’s no problem. You do not have to be certified in CPR to try and help someone. However, it is good to consider the possible harm that you may cause if you attempt to perform CPR on someone who has a heartbeat. It is best to research well on when to perform CPR.

How to get rid of your fear of performing CPR

As stated by an article by the American Heart Association News, only half of Americans can be counted on to perform CPR in an emergency. One of these reasons are the respondents did not believe that they would make a difference. “Far more damage can come from doing nothing,” as stated by the paramedic from the Northwest Fire District. This could be something to motivate you to push away your fear and try to make a difference.

Regardless of age, knowledge, and who you are, anyone can learn CPR. Learn CPR to save a life. Every second, every single action you make counts. Make a difference in someone’s life. Add another person to that list of yours. Be THAT person that did something in the time of need.


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