Why Zoos Should Be Banned: Shocking Experience

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Do you think that Zoos should be banned? Well, I do, and here is why! Research has found that most Zoos around the world are not suitable for the animals that are kept there. Do you think it is acceptable that animals never get to experience their natural environment?. To walk free in the wilderness. Instead, they are captured or bred in captivity, locked in cement cages for people’s enjoyment. The only ones that are enjoying themselves are those that come to view these animals and the Zoos that profit from them. Animals have a right to stay where they are and do what they want, not be put up for public amusement.

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Most people would say that zoos are fun to go to and visit and see all the fantastic animals. We get to experience and see all types of animals that we may never otherwise get to see. But there is something that you are not witnessing, something that most people would not even notice, and that is the depression and the sadness in these helpless animals. Depression in animals is the same as in humans. ‘As a result of boredom and lack of stimulation or enrichment, animals in zoos oversleep, overeat, and show signs of severe frustration and mental instability.’ ( 2020) The mental health of the animals is just as important as their physical health.

Physical activity for animals in zoos is also lacking. Visitors to these zoos may see animals wandering through a large enclosure. However, we know that in the wild many large animals walk, run and hunt over vast distances. How can enclosing them in such circumstances be humane for them? Many animals live in different places in the world people are putting polar bears in very hot areas, and they are not making the water cold enough for them to survive we can’t be doing that. Zoos say that they are protecting the animals that are endangered well they are not they are putting them in small places just for public amusement

Have gone to a zoo? Well if you have, you will know that the animals that gather the most attention are the cute babies, these are the animals that make zoos money. When these animals outgrow their cuteness, become adults, and fail to attract audiences, many zoos will trade, sell or loan them. Uprooting them from their homes increases the number of animals getting killed by poachers – can you imagine being sold from your home because you were no longer cute?

But I think the biggest misconception is that Zoos are educational. However, if you look closely, what are they teaching us – that it is ok to be cramped up in a cage, bored, lonely, and far from their native homes? That it is ok to eat modified diets, not hunt and use their ‘normal’ behaviors to survive and thrive? That is what it is teaching us to put animals that need places to roam locked up in small confinements and not able to use their natural behavior.

In conclusion. And those are just a few of the reasons why I believe we shouldn’t have any zoos. It is estimated that there are three to five thousand animals that die each year, and we just can’t let that happen. That’s why zoos should be banned. We want our future generations to be able to see all the amazing animals that we have in the world today. 

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