The Indian Elections: Possibility of Modi Becoming the Prime Minister in 2019

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The 2014 election was a wave as much anti-UPA as in favor of a Modi who promised to transform India. But that situation is not going to recur again. When we talk about the Lok Sabha seats currently, we see that the NDA has 275 seats and its allies has 40 seats. The BJP has the majority of seats in the house of 545 seats by itself. The main reason for this could be the Modi-Shah duo which is helping the party. In 2019, though, the wave is not going to recur again as BJP is already at its peak in the states like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, and Maharashtra. This could be the major reason that Modi government might go down by 50-100 seats in 2019 elections.

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The Modi-Shah duo who gave the party a victory might drive the party to its biggest loss in seats. We have seen Shiv Sena giving a daily dose of lectures against BJP, which means that the Modi reign is already over. When we talk about the Modi’s track record in the past four years, we see that it has gone from disaster to another disaster. Now every new announcement from Modi is treated with a fearful look at the bank.

Demonetisation was one such announcement which created disruption among the Indian economy. A sudden announcement of the ban on 500 and 1000 and the prolonged cash shortages in the weeks that followed created significant disruption throughout the economy, threatening economic output. Initially, people believed that this act was going to bring down corruption of money and money laundering but gradually peoples patience broke down as the shortage of cash was increasing in ATMs. Some economist also considered demonetization as a permanent transfer of wealth from poor to the rich. All the savings of the poor people were lost, and the loss was irreversible. The people who worked on daily or the weekly wage basis lost their savings.

Though I would say it wasn’t a complete failure. In this period of four years, people have seen Modi as partial towards Gujratis and Hindus. When we have seen many Train derailments and train accidents in India, Modi wants to start Bullet trains in India which again was a disastrous idea and gave opposition reason to speak against him. If you see the internal condition of India, things have remained much similar as it was earlier. The rape cases have been the same. The number of suicide cases among the farmers has been the same the number of potholes in India has been the same.

The number of slums in India remained the same. If you see things from an Indian point of view things are mostly the same. Modi has spent around 355 crores in 41 trips to 52 countries in past 4 years to make our economy strong. Though these trips were not a complete failure, but can we afford to spend 355 crores on just foreign visits. From a common man’s point of view, it’s just a waste of money. Well, If you ask me whether Modi government will come into power after 2019 elections? I would answer your question with another question that if not Modi then who? Can it be Rahul Gandhi or Arvind Kejriwal?

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