The Character Comparison of Will Poole and William Moraley


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There are two interested characters that were living life’s in the 17th and 18th century who had to go through some hardships after a father passes away, and they are left to live in certain conditions that they neither care for. For instance, in the book The Infortunate by William Moraley, William lived a wealthy life until his father died and left all his fortune to his mother. William Moraley, who is considered lower class in England, was put in a financial situation which forces him to sell himself into 4-year servitude to the newly discovered American colonies during the 1800’s. Then, Will Pooles Island by Tim Weed discusses how, at this time, Will was being taken care of the deceased father’s servant who treats him horribly. Will also lives by tiny isolated compounds on or near the coast were protected from the wilderness outside by a powerful mixture of wooden stockades, dogmatic authority, and superstition. Will Poole rebels against these strictures, first by solitary hunting trips, and then by befriending Squamiset. With these two books going hand in hand, id rather be a white male in the Mid Atlantic colonies than 17th century New England. In the 17th century New England was the center of American revolution with many politicians including Samuel Adams, John Adams and many more made many New Englanders proud of their rights and democracy. On the other hand, in the 18th century New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware were involved in the French and Indian War. There were issues with the mid Atlantic colonies being ran by the royal and governors.

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Many in this time were granted freedom and religion privileges as in the book The Infortunate by William Moraley, he lived a rich life until his father died and left the money his mother where his mother than went to get remarried and forgot about his children; this left William to sign up for a 4-year indentured servant in Philadelphia but instead got sent to Burlington. William Moraley would get drunk very often, daily, and he would walk around and meet many kinds of people like other whites, Hispanics, and meet different people. One such individual tells of his capture and escape from a group of pirates. William continued to wander freely along the land of America writing down what he seen. He also wrote down arbitrary events as he visits the various cities and colonies that are beginning to evolve and expand. Apart from working various odd jobs William can explore various cities and meet with some of the most interesting individuals in the colony that America has to offer. One individual tells William that he was captured and escaped from a group of pirates. Even though the,a told him, that doesn’t stop him because William continually wanders. William also describes many experiences by going on small rants about how America is a good place to be poor in because, the country produces “almost every fruit, herb and root”. (Moraley, William, Susan E. Klepp, and Billy Gordon. Smith.

The Infortunate: The Voyage and Adventures of William Moraley, an Indentured Servant. University Park (Penn. ): Pennsylvania State University Press, 2005. Page24) He says this because although he is an indentured servant and wasn’t making a lot of shillings to buy many things he wanted, he could still buy something in America with the small amount that he did earn. He also realizes throughout this book as he is writing his life down that he is more grateful being in America than being poor with no help in England. William Moraley goes into very close detail about the many animals and insects he seen while exploring. “The Hummingbird is very remarkable for his smallness and beauty; his body no larger than a bee. ” (Moraley, William, Susan E. Klepp, and Billy Gordon. Smith.

The Infortunate: The Voyage and Adventures of William Moraley, an Indentured Servant. University Park (Penn. ): Pennsylvania State University Press, 2005. page 55) Overall, in this book and journey with William, even though he was a servant and thought he lived in horrible conditions when he didn’t, because there were actual slaves who couldn’t do anything at all. William Moraley did drink a lot to numb the loneliness away he had from his family, but in the end he didn’t make a great outcome of what happens to him. In Will Pooles Island, starting around 1776, Will, the main character, is living in the Puritan time when you only believe in God and go to church religiously. Unfortunately, Will’s father passed away which left Will and his brother behind. James Overlock, the family servant, oversaw raising the two young men but instead he beats Will and is using up the father’s inheritance that was left for his sons.

During the beginning of this book, Will seems to be very different because when he was younger, he grew up playing with Indian children in Misquinnipack. His friend Squamiset has put Will on many missions to accomplish things as he would. Will would often have many hallucinations and he would think that Squamiset is trying to tell him something. “These delusions, these walking hallucinations, were much worse than dreams.

They felt as real as a finger in his eye, and there was no avoiding them. ” (Weed, Tim. Will Pooles Island. South Hampton, NH: Namelos, 2014. page 57) Squamiset ends up passing away and when he does, Will feels like he has to live out his purpose just like Squamiest. In Conclusion, Will Pooles Island, Will Poole’s Island be about Will growing out of friendships, and into many adventures, and wondering how he is destined for more than the the basic Puritan culture that everyone expects him to be. The Infortunate, was about William Moraley finding his way around the mid-Atlantic colonies being a “free indentured servant”. Althuogh, he complained majority of the book because it isn’t the life he wanted to live, he also knew that his life was better living there than being poor in England. As for both novels, they are two books that helped put Dr. Rothman’s lectures into a picture form and make it easier to understand. Both novels had characters with similar names who both had to endure a lot once their fathers passed away and both were used to help conduct this essay.

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