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The Possible Reformation of Morata as a Football Player

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The Era of Antonio Conte Is gone and a new Italian Sarri is now at the helm, famous for his ability to turn players into world class talents, discover new positions suitable for player and bringing back the believe in the minds of player just like he did new Chelsea player Jorginho, much has been said about tactical genius of Sarri the Chelsea board knows this. Sarri would however displease some people to please some other people, but with the disappointing display of Morata one would imagine if the diminutive Italian would jeopardize his starting stinct in Chelsea in other to stick his neck out for Morata.

In the pre season game against Arsenal yesterday Odoi won a penalty and Morata took and missed, considering the terrible stats of Petr Cech in penalty duty one would think the number 9 will step up and give himself a confidence boost by scoring, but as easy as it seems, Morata can’t even score from the spot. The body movement of the striker seems ominous, the laziness and his lack of commitment has left too many Chelsea fans seeking for him to be sold, but the question remains thus, does Morata want to undergo transformation that will enable him become the deadly goals machine that Chelsea wants?

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Whether you like it or not Chelsea are a team that craves success and they have made mistakes in the pasts by letting brilliant prospects like Kevin de Bryne leave the club in Morata’s situation it was however different, the Spaniard came for 70 million Euros and for such a transfer fee a player doesn’t crawl he’s expected to hit the ground running that’s why such a record breaking transfer fee was paid for him and after a miserable campaign in which he scored 12 goals, he’s nowhere been able to fill even the half boot left by the departed Diego Costa. However judging by the records of new coach Sarri, he’s made players like Higuain and Jorginho world class players while giving them a different kind of angle to the play howbeit the case still remains, will Sarri get tired of Morata’s frequent inability to delivery?

Pre season has looked so bad for Morata and it’s only a matter of time before he continues his barrenness in front of goal. Morata is a player that lacks hardwork, he doesn’t bring presence up front and coupled with the fact that he’s got terrible hold up play. His lack of confidence in front of goals coupled with the fact that he’s never willing to learn has made him the most unwanted man at Chelsea.

Will Sarri reform the man Morata? This will be a question on the lips of everyone at West London, currently if the Italian coach is hoping to do so it’s currently not working, if the manager decides to keep faith with Morata and be ended up becoming a flop again despite his attempts to salvage him, it may end up being the manager’s undoing if he ends up not getting Chelsea a new striker, however that’s totally his decision to make the smokerster Sarri may be hoping however to transform the striker again, and if it definitely works it will add another feather to his CV, however will his put his job on the line on the rejected one?


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