William Wallace from Braveheart, a Tough Hero

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One famous saying goes: 'Give me freedom or give me death.' In other words, freedom means 'freedom.' Before I watch the movie Braveheart, my understanding of freedom is very simple. I just think that people can live a happy life as long as they are able to obey the will of the rulers. However, there are always people who do not like it. They do not want to be slaves. So they rise up to freedom because they are convinced that it belongs to everyone and that no one can take it away except God. The protagonist of this movie is William Wallace. He is a great leader in Scotland. He led the Scots to British freedom. The most touching and shocking scene is that William Wallace endured incredible torture at the last minute of his life and did its best to shout to the boundless sky and people: 'Freedom! Great in Heaven The door, his beloved wife, is waiting for his arrival, and his courageous heart has won everything, including the heart of Murron, the most elegant heart of England (the heart of Sophie Marceau) and the hearts of countless others. Dignified baptism, all burdens and burdens are released from his esteemed and noble soul, supported and encouraged by the eternal spirit of William Wallace, who won her with the immense price of innumerable precious lives. Filmmakers will never forget the echoes of Freedom, the strong voice of William Wallace, in the hearts of all humanity; the skies of Scotland appear before us, a wonderful movie that touches the heart, However, this time it is not based on beautiful scenes or gorgeous actors, but on the basis of the pursuit of love and freedom.

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When painful, we can find comfort in the arts. A great movie always gives you some power to face your own problems. This one is doing well. It brought us a tough hero William Wallace, a leader of the Scottish Resistance who opposed British rule. Although he was finally dead, his spirit led his people to fight and gain freedom. This meaningful work touched on so many hearts and minds with the theme and content of its meaning. The main theme of this work can be seen in the growing image of William Wallace. First, we see his childhood. His father was killed by a British intruder, which surely left a scar in his heart. With this great hatred, when he saw his wife killed by the enemy, everything in his heart was suddenly released and possessed of great power. So in the battle scene, we saw a soldier dare to life waving a sword. It is a common question that his courage comes from. For example, if an ordinary person, lost his parents from an early age, he may not have the confidence to grow into a hero. However, the heroes are heroic. In many ways, Wallace's revolution is remarkable. His compatriots and enemies have great obstacles. Many Scottish nobility lent him only reluctant support, as they mostly care more about wealth and titles than the freedom of wealth. In fact, the Scottish leaders are in favor of resistance or not, depending on the British bribery. In contrast, Wallace is an honorable, flawless and just person. He was labeled 'Guardian and High Protector of Scotland,' but his move against British king Edward I against the Scottish nobles was surprised to find Robert, a leading Scottish betrayal of Earl of Bruce, who confessed to him 'People will follow you if you can only lead them.' Sophie Marceau, as elegant as France's distressed princess Isabella, eventually fell in love with Wallace, warning He several traps. Catherine McCormack is the striking beauty of the Wallace revolution. Patrick McGoohan is a ruthless Edward I, whose nickname is 'long-handled,' chilling and fierce. This king is still the incarnation of evil. Although Angus McFadyen was an aristocrat who had a connection between conscience and political aspirations, Brendan Gleeson contributed to his mighty Hamish band Comes with strength and humor, but David O 'Hara is very effective, even at the most tense moment, as a crazy Irishman, and Mel Gibson has reason to be proud of the job. Gibson enthusiastically demonstrated the most impressive war (not yet staged movie), it is his passion and over, making the film even greater. Horde and futility of the battle to build the handset is exciting but disgusting. It is the brilliance of the best epic film production. This film focuses on Wallace's humanity, such a huge, so smart and passionate figure, to explore the definition of nobility and nobility, pushing us to follow the hero into his struggle against injustice and oppression. And this is the power of a hero.

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