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Willie Jones – Bio, Family, Facts About The Country Music Singer

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Over the years, The X Factor which is a Fox reality singing competition has been a veritable platform where aspiring talents launch their careers. Notable among celebs whose careers germinated on the fertile soil of The X Factor is Willie Jones – American born country singer who passed the audition by singing the song titled Your Man. He is also notated for singing Here for the Party at a live show performance

Jones has come a long way from reality contest to real life success, for a few years now; he has been in the public eye as he continues working with notable record producers. He has released new tracks intermittently as he embarks on tours around the globe. Runs in Our blood is his debut single which hit the music stand in May 2018, Jones luck has held since his appearance on The X Factor as he has embarked on successful collaborations with celebrated artist like Jennel Garcia, Shawn Mendes, Aaron Carpenter, Lyric 145 as well as Cameron Dallas. His good fortune has catapulted the young artist to mainstream fame and popularity at an early stage and he is obviously aspiring to accomplish more. Away from music, he dreams to go into the clothing industry by launching his own cloth line.

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Unfortunately, the details of the country singer’s life have never been published by any source but it is a known fact that his date of birth is the 23rd of September 1994 and he is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana. That is all the information available on his personal life. On the professional front, he went into music at a very young age as a member of Yazzy – a youth jazz and theater company. Starting out in season 2 of The X Factor, in 2012, Willie Jones surprised the judges with his performance of Your Man at the auditions in Greensboro, North Carolina, the aspiring musician then went ahead to wow the audience with She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy in a solo performance on the Bootcamp 1 round of the show.

During the judges’ house round in the ensuing weeks, he sang Nobody Knows’ which he dedicated to Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas. Eventually, he was picked by Lovato to take part in the live show. His debut stage performance came on the 31st of October 2012 in front of an audience which ran into thousands. The next day, Jones along with CeCe Frey who was his fellow contestant were placed in the bottom two. Jones got eliminated when they were asked to sing for their lives in a contest against each other.

Along with popular artists like Jennel Garcia, Paige Thomas and Lyric 145, he commenced his UneXpected Tour on the 3rd August 2013. Jones functioned as a guest artist for Suit & Tie by Lyric 145 where he recorded vocals for the mixtape ‘The L.O.F.F. Tape. Chasing Cameron – the reality show which premiered on Netflix in December 2016 featured him on stage. Jones later embarked on tour with the likes of MagCon, Cameron Dallas, Aaron Carpenter and Blake Grey


There is absolutely no information on his family life, the identities of his parents are not known. Though he has uploaded pictures of his mum on his Instagram page, he omitted to include her name and profession. Similarly, there is no inkling on his siblings if any.

On the relationship front, nothing had been heard from his end which is an indication that he may be too preoccupied with his professional life to spare time for a romantic relationship. But then, Jones might just be a private person who is keeping his relationship details under wraps.

Facts about the Country Music Singer

  • Presently, he is signed on with the record label Empire Records and had his first single Runs in Our blood released in May 2018. His official video for the song was later shot under the directorship of Ryan Francis. The video is currently on YouTube but premiered on
  • He has his own YouTube channel which has gained popularity with extremely funny vlogs, notable among them is a video called Story Time with Willie Jones. His subscription level on YouTube has gone up to 60,000 and still counting.
  • The rising country singer has graced the covers of a hand full of magazines like TigerBeat as well as Paper magazine.


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