Wind Energy: the Energy Source of the Past History Guides Us to a Better Future

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Wind Energy

Humans have used wind as a source of energy for centuries. Wind energy has been utilized anywhere from propelling sailing craft to grinding grain, as early as 500 B.C. It’s always been both a practical and effective energy source. Wind turbines go through a fairly simple process to produce power. Wind farms provide enough space for these turbines. Overall, wind energy proves to be sustainable, affordable and ecologically friendly. Wind energy is Pennsylvania’s most reasonable option as an energy source.

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Wind energy obviously is available to us through wind power. The first inventions to use this energy included the classic windmill and later on, the wind machine. Both inspired our current wind turbine. Wind turbines contain either two or three blades, which turn around a rotor when the wind blows. The rotor is connected to a main shaft that spins the generator. Kinetic energy is then converted into mechanical energy.

There are many advantages to wind energy. Perhaps the best advantage is that the source itself is free and natural. This source is also clean and does not contribute to the growing issue of air pollution. However, there are also disadvantages to wind energy. Evidently, if there is no consistent or moderate wind, there is no energy to be produced. Also, if there is too much wind, the turbines must be shut down. Despite wind energy being efficient, multiple turbines are required to capture the wind’s energy. However this is why wind farms are organized, to provide space for the turbines’ occupation. A growing number of people are using wind energy as their energy source. Remarkably, wind turbines produce anywhere from seventeen to thirty nine percent as much power as they consume.

Wind farms are becoming common across the U.S., including Pennsylvania. There are currently twentyfour wind projects operating in Pennsylvania. Our state is home to a vast amount of farmland, making it ideal for wind farms. Because of this, we have the potential to develop over 4,000 megawatts of wind energy within the next decade. This is enough energy to power one million homes. Wind energy only costs around two to eight cents per kilowatt.

Based on Pennsylvania’s expansive farmland, it makes an ideal place for wind energy to be used to its potential. The process for it to be produced is relatively simple. On top of this source being free, it is way less expensive than traditional electricity. It’s also clean and does not contribute to existing environmental problems. Wind energy has been around for centuries; since then, it's been bettered to be used to its full capacity. Wind turbines and wind farms make the use of wind energy facile. Generally, wind energy would be Pennsylvania’s best option for an energy source since it is feasible, inexpensive and no threat to our environment.

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