Wind Farm: the Peculiarities of Establishing a Wind Energy Source

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Throughout the years, renewable resources have become an alternative to using fossil fuels. The Industrial Revolution led to society’s use of traditional resources such as coal, oil, and natural gas. Time passed, and these significant resources caused the government to use large scale wind power due to the proliferate demand for energy. With wind farms continuing to scatter throughout the United States, individuals and agencies establishing them must carefully evaluate the design, how it affects residents and communities, and their location.

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Moreover, evaluating the design of the wind farm is a crucial step in determining whether or not it should be established, because agencies need to make sure that those who live around them are content with it. According to “Wind and Land: Conflicts in Renewable Energy Development Routledge”, designing wind farms is difficult because with changing seasons, it is hard for tall turbines to blend in with their surroundings. Additionally, painting on designs and adding other colors will make them appear dirty or stained. The turbines are at that height because it allows for a more efficient productivity, which is why they can’t be made shorter. They are also painted white because the use of that color depicts positivity and sanitation. To add on, noise is another factor that needs to be taken into consideration. If the wind turbines are too loud, they can be a constant distraction for those living near it. The boisterous sound can cause fatigue and sleep deprivation (source C). In other words, individuals and agencies need to take account of the people in the vicinity because it can impede their sleep patterns. Seltenrich also goes on to say that “sleep interference gets worse nearer residents are to turbines”. If wind farms are built too close to these residents, their sleep will be adversely impacted, which may lead to long term negative effects on their health. If a community is not fond of having these windmills, the agencies need to reconsider the location.

Furthermore, individuals and agencies need to carefully contemplate where they are locating their wind farms. According to Joshua Winchell’s photograph, wind farms require a large land space that is confined and away from any residents or homes (source A). This is an imperative consideration because if these requirements are not met, then it can negatively impact the environment around it, especially if there are residents. In addition, agencies need to make sure that the wind farms they’re establishing are working better than other sources. Since wind turbines can’t always run at 100 percent power like other power plants, they can impede the environment (source B). However, using wind turbines to generate electricity ensures that the source is renewable and clean, which is better for the environment. Layton also goes on to say “they can be hazardous to birds and bats… risk of land erosion if you dig up the ground to install wind turbines”. Installing wind turbines can be harmful to the environment and going back to how residents need to be content with them, if installing wind turbines causes erosion, then residents wouldn’t want them installed near their homes. When considering where to install a wind farm, agencies need to make sure that they are choosing the best location in a way where it doesn’t harm the atmosphere or those around it.

All in all, when individuals or agencies are determining whether or not they should establish a wind farm, it is imperative that they examine how appealing it looks to the eye, how it affects those around it, and where they locate it.  

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