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Wireless Communication System Within Campus

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The system “Wireless communication system within campus” can be seen as a smaller version of smart campus. It is observed that providing the educational material, or important notices to students by faculties is still done though old methods like detecting notes in class or physical distribution, which is very time consuming. This important time of faculties as well as students can be saved though the use of technology and also this approach will be useful for students to acquire the important notices and required educational material. By making use of today’s advanced electronic techniques and capabilities of smart phone’s powerful processors and large memories, a system is designed to view important information by the students using an application by Wi-Fi without internet connectivity. This will help in better sharing and spread of important message or information amongst the campus students. The students will view or download required educational material and important message through the application.

In system that is typically followed in colleges, the students and teachers have to communicate everyday for many activities. The notices, educational material or any other sort of information is required to be spread through either physical means or internet access, this might consume a lot of effort as the paperwork is slow and also everyone at college may or may not have the privilege of internet access. The current process of information sharing has problems such as

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  • Notices are shared on paper from class to class which is time consuming.
  • Searching backdated data might be difficult.
  • Manual process is slower and may cause error.
  • Every student or faculty in the college may not have access to the internet.
  • Excessive use of paper and other resources.

As the electronic techniques advanced, computing machines have been miniaturized and smart phones are equipped with powerful processors and large memories. In the consequence, various services become available on smart phones. Since a smart phone is a personal belonging it is an excellent candidate device on which a context-aware services are provided. As an example of context-aware service on smart phones, the campus guide is picked up and its implementation is introduced in this paper. The “Wireless communication system within campus” consists of the server and the client. The main features of the client include sharing of information and important educational material between the client and server in android mobile phones. This will help in better sharing and spread of important message or information amongst the campus students. The students can get the required educational material and important messages through the application. Use of same application can be extended for faculties to control the electrical appliances in department. The application does not need internet access hence no internet service is mandatory. The application only is needed to be connected to the raspberry pi Wi-Fi in the college or department premises. This system will ease the communication and data sharing without using the resources such as papers, manual effort, and internet connection.

The present day other smart campus systems propose the application of knowing or measuring the area of a building or classrooms in a college etc. The other smart campus system proposes the application such that the location of a user using the android app in the college area or campus area can be known through the android app. The major issue in the college or a campus is the difficulty of data sharing amongst the students and the staff. While many of the users are not connected to the internet facility among the college hours and also the important notices are to be displayed on the notice board or shared from class to class increasing the manual effort. This process might be time consuming and also cause manual error and also is the problem of controlling the electric appliances in the classes where one has to go and manually switch on/off the appliances. In this paper, efforts are made to solve this issue by using the android app and raspberry pi module where a student can access the data sent by teacher on the wi-fi module and also the power control is added so that the electric appliances control can be done in the range of raspberry pi.


Change the directory path to location at predefined path

Set the direction of GPIO pin to output

Open the socket with fixed port number

To accept connections, the following steps are performed:

  1. A socket is created with socket().
  2. The socket is bound to a local address using bind(), so that other sockets may be connected to it.
  3. A willingness to accept incoming connections and a queue limit for incoming connections are specified with listen().
  4. Connect socket With connect() method
  5. Connections are accepted with accept().
  6. Read the data on socket 1 byte
  7. Convert that byte from ascii to int by atoi() function
  8. Check the byte put into the switch case
  9. if switch case 1:
  10. i. Read file data from client and save on server

    ii. First read file size

    iii. Allocate memory to read filename using malloc()

    iv. Now read actual file data

    v. Now read name of file, for that first read size of filename

    vi. Allocate memory to read filename

    vii. Now read actual file data

    viii. Write file data into file

    ix. Free the allocated memory in malloc() fuction

  11. if switch case 2:
  12. i. Now read pathname, for that first read size of pathname

    ii. Allocate memory to read pathname using malloc()

    iii. Now read actual path data

    iv. Now pass the directory path for list_dir() function

    v. From this function return value are file and directory listing and it’s length

    vi. Write the data on socket it’s file and directory length and it’s length

    vii. Free the allocated memory in malloc() fuction

  13. if switch case 3:
  14. i. Now read file, for that first read size of filename

    ii. Allocate memory to read pathname using malloc()

    iii. Now read actual filename

    iv. Now read the filename with fread() function and it will return the file content and length of the file name

    v. Write the file length and file content on socket

    vi. Free the allocated memory in malloc() function

  15. if switch case 4:
  16. i. Device 1will get turn ON

  17. if switch case 5:
  18. i. Device 1will get turn OFF

  19. if switch case 6:
  20. i. Device 2will get turn ON

  21. if switch case 7:
  22. i. Device 2will get turn OFF

  23. if switch case 0:

i. All devices are OFF

The system works as a storage medium plus being wi-fi enabled which uploads the information on web server designed for this application. The uploaded file will be stored and can be viewed or downloaded using an android application. Faculties are able to turn On/Off the electric appliances like fan or lights remotely from server with the help of raspberry Pi and relay assembly.

The system uses a raspberry pi 3 version as the heart of the system which looks after the whole communication in the system. In this the Wi-Fi of the raspberry pi will be used as a medium to connect the android apps. The program such as socket programming is used for the communication purpose where an app is designed in such a way that it can be accessed by an authorized person only. If a student has to access the app they will be given a separate password and ID (USER ID), and if a faculty has to access the app they will have a different password and ID (ADMIN ID). Thus, system also prevents the privacy of the users and miscommunication occurrence.

The memory of the raspberry pi is used as a storage unit for the data being uploaded, this it will work as a cloud memory for the android app. The android application(App) have options such as upload, download, view, etc. The GUI design will be different for teachers and students based on their respective login as a faculty (ADMIN) or as a student(USER). This GUI is created using the eclipse software. The faculty also can control the electrical appliances of the department using their android application whereas student’s login is not provided with this extra feature. This option is only provided in the faculty login GUI.

This system is useful for easy communication between students and the faculty without the use of internet access and paper wastage. The system GUI is different from user to user depending upon their login as a faculty (ADMIN) or as a student (USER). The faculties with their own login can also operate the electric appliances in a particular classroom. Further this system can be made IOT based by storage of all data in cloud.

After making survey of all existing different smart campus systems, the “Wireless communication system within campus” can be implemented. It gives easy access to students for getting the required educational material and important notices by using an android application and also to download if required. All the devices are connected through wi-fi using an application on android phone. The system makes the task of sharing files and important data easy. Using the same application electric appliances are also controlled. So this system reduces the human effort of sharing the important notice from class to class or faculty to students and also helps in controlling electronic appliances from a distance instead of manually going to the place and switching it ON/OFF. It is also easier now to access the previously shared information.


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