The Process of Wisdom Teeth Removal and Advices for Recovery

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What are Wisdom Teeth?
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal
  • What is the Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost ?
  • Wisdom Teeth Symptoms
  • What to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal?
  • How Long Does it Take for Wisdom Teeth to Heal


Young people who are passing their last tears as a teenager of early years of twenties having the experience of getting wisdom teeth. This is the last set of teeth you are getting in your lifetime and it is the third set. If your wisdom teeth appear in your mouth in a healthy way with perfect alignment it will benefit you so much and they will be very valuable to your mouth in future. but most of the time these teeth are coming with imperfect alighnmets and the pain will lead you to remove them from your mouth. Misalighned wisdom teeth will appear horizontally or will be angled towards the second molars or away from them, or will be angled towards inside of the cheek or away from it. these misalignments can cause damages to the nearby teeth, nerves or to jawbones.

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What are Wisdom Teeth?

As an adult wisdom teeth are the final set of teeth you are getting inside your mouth.

You are getting your wisdom teeth at the end of your teenage years or beginning of your twenties as the final set of teeth you are hetting in your lifetime.

Four wisom teeth are emerging at the back of the mouth as the third set of molars. Two teeth in upper mouth and the other two in the lower mouth. When they are appearing there is risk that they might appear in wrong alighnment. If it goes wrong it will damage the other teeth, your gum and nerves. But if they appeary in good alighnment then these teeth will be an amazing asset for you.

In order to get an idea abouth whether you should remove your wisdom teeth or not you should get the help of your dentist. He will get X-rays time to time and let you know whethrt they are coming out fine or not. If there is a problem with those teeth they will recommend you an extraction surgery.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth occurs when you don't have enough space at the back of your mouth to emerging of wisdom teeth naturally. As a result of these impacted wisdom teeth you get pains, cause dagaes to other teeth in the mouth and various dental issues. Sometimes you might not get any sudden issues because of the impacted wisdom teeth. But when the time passes you will find it is hatd to clean them as well as they encounter with tooth decaying problems and other gum infections than the other teeth. Whaen these impacted teeth are causing painand several other compications for you your dental doctor will suggest you to remove them so you can avoid future complications occur because pf them.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If your wisdom teeth are causing complications such as wrong alighnments or impacted wisdom teeth or your mouth is small or if you have gum diseases yur dentist will suggest you to remove your wisdom teeth. He will get Xrays of yor wisdom teeth and suggest you the exact time to remove them. He might sometimes suggest a good dental sergon for you to do the removal surgery. Before he do the srgery your dental surgon will get some information from you such as;

  1. The heath problems you are having
  2. Drug types you are getting daily
  3. Your choice of anesthesia. This mens you prefer to be numb or fall asleep during the srgery.
  4. The time you have allocated to do the surgery and your recovery plan.

After all these he will ask whether you have any concerns regarding the surgery.

Once you and your doctor clear all the doubts then he will give you a date for the surgery. This wisdom teeth removal surgery will take around 45 mins. According to your choice either you will get numbed or unconscious so you will not feel any pain dusring the surgery.

The surgen will cut the gums or the jaw bones to remove the teeth. If he had to do gum r bone custting he'd stitch the wounds so they will recover soon. Those stitches will dissole in your mouth after some days.

Don't worry after a few days your wounds will recover and you will be back to normal in no time.

What is the Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost ?

Removal of a wisdom tooth can cost around $99 averagely. If you are removing impacted wistom teeth then it will cost around $230 to $340. Sometime it will even cost more according to the country region you are getting the service, according to the dental surgon or the hostipital you are selecting. Sometimes if you hve medical insurance then they will cover at least a part of your teeth removal ost.

Wisdom Teeth Symptoms

the symptoms you are getting for wisdom teeth are not the same for everyone. If you go to meet your dental doctor in a routine then you can moniter the groth of your wisdom teeth time to time using X-Rays as well as cleaning sessions. If your wisdom teeth are going to grow in the wrong way then you should go for a teeth removal. Your detal doctor will inform you further details. From below symtoms you will get an idea whether you shoul go for a tooth removal or not.

  1. Your gums will become more tender or they will start bleeding
  2. Your gums will become red
  3. Swollen gums
  4. Jaw swellings
  5. Jaw pains
  6. It will become difficault for you to open your mouth
  7. Your mouth will have an unpleasant taste
  8. Getting bad breath

Above symptoms will occur because of your wisdom teeth are not cleaned properly or because you are getting impacted wisdom teeth.

What to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Strat eating soft foods and drinking liquids just after the wisdom teeth removal. After you remove your wisdom teeth it will be hard to chew foods for some time. so try not to eat hsrd foods until you get recovered. Otherwise those foods will damahe your wounded area or theywill get stuk in. it will be so painful gor you and you will get infections. Try to eat below foods after your wisdom teeth removal.

  1. Apple sauce
  2. Smoothies
  3. Smashed potatoes
  4. Yogurt
  5. Blenede soupsand broths
  6. Ice cream, Jell O and puddings

How Long Does it Take for Wisdom Teeth to Heal

It will take to 3 to 4 days to get a complte recovery from your wisdom teeth removal recovery.

If you did the surgery for impacted teeth or improperly anglesd wisdom teeth then your wound will get at least a whole week to recover.

If you don't care of your wounds after the surgery it will take months to recover. If you do nort tend to your wounds properly then there is a huge possifility that you might get an infection.

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