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“The Wizard of Oz” is a fantasy film that “brought light to all people during the Great Depression” (Chadwick, 2014, p.43). This is one of the most popular classical movies that is still watched by viewers of all ages. The theme of The Wizard of Oz gives everyone a life lesson that is true in children as well as adults. Songs, as well as images from “The Wizard of Oz” has become such a big part of American culture. This film tells the story of Dorothy who lives in Kansas with her uncle Henry and Auntie Em and her dog Toto. Dorothy decides to run away with her dog Toto to avoid him being put to sleep. Dorothy is caught in a tornado that hits her farm and before she can reach safety she is hit with flying debris and wakes up in the lovely land of Oz. Her journey from the Kansas farm to the yellow brick road to the great Emerald City is a journey to maturation and an evocation of American Myths. The myth of American society’s movement and the “Wizard of Oz” mirror each other from the wilderness of building of big cities. The growth of America and the growth of Dorothy go hand in hand.

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Kansas is a dark and dreary and Oz is colorful and beautiful. The darkness of the movie shows the time of the Great Depression, where the colorful and beautiful times show how things change with time. Although Dorothy meets many people on her journey all she wants is her family and her home. She makes numerous friends on her way to the wizard, but all she ever wants is to go home. Kansas was a state that forever had to fight against in attracting tourists. Emerald City was an image that New York City was very happy to adopt. Emerald City of the “Wizard of Oz” represents an imagined “dream-city” of American Culture, glamorous, happy, and clean (Levy, 2005, pg. 1).

“Wizard of Oz” has become a central fairytale of American pop culture. It teaches children, as well as us adults, how to become assimilated in an American way. Oz represented that childhood can not last forever. The song “Over the Rainbow”, a very well-known song, describes every Americans’ longing for something that’s lost, but might come back (Levy, 2005, pg.1)

The “Wizard of Oz” was during the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. Dorothy was trying to escape the dark, dreary and boring Kansas farm life and wanted to go somewhere brighter and better. Once she had that opportunity she realized all she wanted and all most people want in life is to go home and be with her family.  

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