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Woman And Three Babies

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In 1989 archeologists found the bones of a middle age 9-month pregnant woman in the grave there were three baby skeletons. The mother had died in labor. As they kept digging they found a man buried just above her on her left shoulder. The bones are approximately 1800 years old, this was during the Roman Empire. The bones are highly significant in this investigation so that we could find out who she was and how she died.

Historians can find out a lot of things from the bones such as, DNA, who they are, where they are from, what they eat, what gender they are and what they look like. To find all of this they must take a few bone shavings from different places to identify all these things. One of the ways to find out how they died you must look closely and see if there is a hole in the skull if there is then that means that they surfed trauma to the head, then you will be able to assume of how they died. This person’s skeleton was found in a weird position she was in the position of a comfortable sleeping position, they soon found out that there were three baby skeletons as well. The woman had died in labor and as she decomposed the gases inside of her pushed out two babies little did she know there was a third baby.

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In some cases, depending on how old the bones are you can’t always get any DNA out of it this is what happened to the man buried on top of the woman. If they can’t get DNA out of one spot they try from multiple places but in this case, they got nothing they then don’t know why he was buried just above her. Maybe it was to protect her, so nothing would happen. Since the bones were discovered they couldn’t find out why they were there, only 2011 did they find out why. During the Roman Empire, they used to believe that if they didn’t decapitate someone’s head or to bury them head down that there second life or spirit wouldn’t haunt them but if they buried them face down then they know for sure that they won’t be able to get out of there grave.

You can see that it can be easy to get things from bones but sometimes you can be out of luck, it depends on the bones. In a lot of cases around the world, there has never been one like this before. The bones were buried sometime during the Roman Empire, found in 1989 and solved in 2011.


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