Women and Children Sexual Abuse

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Have you ever wonder if the people beside you in school, jeepney, train or wherever you are was sexually abused when they we’re little or even up to now? In this room, there is a probability that 1 out of 5 was abused or at least one point in their life they were maltreated. An Abuse is a set of behavior where it can be physical, emotional, and sexual or neglect. This form of violence can happen at home, in school, in their community and online. This violence is still happening ever since and things like this should be prevented.

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Sexual Abuse is an act of violence that forced someone without their consent. In this, sexual violence was indicated by the following: taking photos or sex videos of being naked or engaging in sexual activities, unwanted touch, and forced attempted and consummated sex. All these acts must have occurred in any ages. In these statistics indicates the difference sexual abuse in the Philippines. According to J. Arnaiz United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) estimated that there are 100,000 victims of sexual exploitation in the Philippines, dubbing it “the global epicenter of the live-stream sexual abuse trade.” 1 out 5 children has experience sexual violence. 8 in 10 children are at risk of online abuse and bullying and 1 out of 3 sexual trafficking victims are children. This kind of Sexual harassments can also lead to unwanted pregnancy and abortion. Women experience unintended pregnancies, and because abortion is profoundly derided and not legal in the country many women undergo risky procedures that caused them high trauma and depression.

According to UNICEF Children are committed to the people they trust and they will do everything what they told to so. Some are especially powerless to violations of their rights because of an aspect of their identity or circumstances, such as having a disability. This also brings down the one’s defenses against abuse and makes them less ready to secure themselves or get the help they need. Some of these abuses happened by the risk factors, rape within marriage or dating relationship, by a stranger, by a family member and anyone aroused by rape, heavy drinking, perceived pressure to have sex. The victims especially women and children who are perceived to have weak physical features they are mostly targets of physical and any forms of abuse. Women and Children should fight and defense themselves because this could ruin one’s life and dignity. They could learn and should know how to self defense so that they can use it in a situation where there is danger. Also they could have some self defense materials like pepper spray, stun guns and keychain knife. By this they could feel that they have armor and defense themselves.

There are programs about sexual abuse by the government like the Department of Health held a Women and Children Protection Program. The Center for the Prevention & Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse (CPTCSA) is an example of non government program in Quezon City. They can’t reach everyone around the nation and help everyone who was being sexually abused or any type of abuses. So I would like to say that we should have programs that every barangays and cities in the Philippines where they could put a seminar or meeting every year for protection and defenses to the abuses to save the humanity especially the children and women. Another thing is, at home parents and guardians could teach children and everyone in the house for self-defense. They could use self-learning and give advices and tell them what to do in case this happen to them. Guidance and discipline of parents and children is needed strictly nowadays. If that’s the case then the problem about sexual abuse will be less severe and the government must put more attention to all women and children that was abused and still received violence that they don’t deserve.

All suspects must go to jail and pay for what they did. They are ruining some lives that are in peace. Making a children’s life miserable that they don’t deserve and they are all doing this for themselves and some thought of it as fun. Sexual assault must stop because it is not flirting it is a harassment. This can happen anytime and to anyone, even in your own home is not safe. There is no excuse in an abuse and we all should be aware that we always need to protect ourselves. Victims and us should be together and fight because the silence it’s over and we need to break it. It is time to talk to your family, friends, people who’ll we think will help us or to everyone because those abusers should receive what they deserved. Sexual Abuse must STOP. 

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