Women Being Judged and the Harm It Does on Society

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Society is now structured in a way there are “Gender Norms” which ultimately do nothing but hold back people from expressing themselves. For example, women are expected to be obliging and emotional, while men are expected to be confident and cold. Some say males have it harder due to “masculinity”: as a male, if you’re too friendly to women, you’re weird, If you take a female employee or co-worker out to dinner, you have bad intentions, If you don’t take her out, you’re not giving her the same opportunity you give to men and If you don’t open the door for a woman, you’re selfish. Although these are all great points as to why it's hard to be a man today , ultimately it is no comparison for what women go through. Women are: at a disadvantage in the workplace by pay and promotion and are scrutinized on anything they do.

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Now, women are half of the labor force when looking at those with a bachelor's degree and they earn most of the Post bachelor degrees. While women are doing very well when looking at education, in the workplace, it's the opposite scene. Women are stagnant, and the higher they go, the harder it gets to move up the ranks. Getting jobs is harder as a woman; a woman with the same qualification is perceived to be less competent according to multiples studies thus reducing their odds to gain employment. Let's say as a woman you're able to get over the first hurdle of securing the job, the second is getting fair pay. Over a lifetime of work, a woman with a bachelor's degree will earn a third less than a man with the same degree which is just not right. After securing a job and decent pay you'll be looking to work to be work towards a promotion, but Women just are not promoted the way men are. Men are promoted on the prospect of the future, while women on past performance. After all of that if you're able to work your way to the top you'll run into many people that have an affirmative action mindset, claiming that you didn't truly earn the promotion and you got it solely because of your gender. Seemingly regardless of what a woman does in the workplace, they will be at a disadvantage.

Furthermore, women are not just scrutinized in the workplace, but this extends through all walks of a woman's life. If a woman is single or divorced it’s not right to think of her as ugly or guilty. If she has many male friends, it’s not right to call her a whore. Women are even judged on the way they dress; If they like to dress in a simple manner it’s wrong her to call them ugly or sloppy. If they like to wear makeup it doesn’t mean they are using it to impress men, they could just enjoy it, or it may make them feel confident. They are being judged on the choice to have kids. If they do not want to have a child, it’s not fair to consider them selfish. They are being judged by their cooking If she doesn’t know how to cook that doesn’t mean she's not a great person. They are being judged on their education qualification If they are very educated that doesn’t mean she will forever be single, education is a great supplement to everyone. Lastly, if they cry, they're emotional crybabies and if they don’t cry, they’re cold-hearted. Women are put in a position that regardless of what they choose to do people will think lowly of them.

Ultimately, it's just very unfair how women are criticized. Men and women are both created equally, being a woman should not be a disadvantage at any time, especially in the workforce, thankfully as time goes by women are becoming executives at top corporations and working towards destroying the barriers placed on women. Along with that, women in their everyday lives should not be judged because of free will, if a man can do whatever he wants why can a woman not? Why judge women for being educated? Why judge a woman for wanting to dress casually? There are no valid responses, Women can do as they please. Why? Because girls just want to have fun. 

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