Women Entrepreneurship of Sylhet City, Bangladesh: Challenges & Opportunities

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It is necessary for any research work to show its various findings in a nutshell. Summary of findings helps reader to realize the most outstanding achievement from the study and the actual scenario of the study area.

By analyzing the primary data we can find out the challenges and opportunities faced by the women entrepreneurs of Sylhet city. Here women are becoming entrepreneurs for empowerment and freedom, to give their child a better future, to contribute to the family, to gain a social status, to pass leisure time moreover for their own identity. In a society like ours women entrepreneurs have to face many hurdles and they doing it bravely. That is the key success of women entrepreneurs of Sylhet.

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Most women entrepreneurs run boutique shop, whether from the house or shop. It is the booming business for the women in Sylhet. In second position, we can find parlors. It is tough business to do in a conservative area like Sylhet. But many women have taken the risk and they are succeeding.

  • Among 50 respondents we have found that 4% respondents are below 25 years old. 38% respondents are 25 to 35 years old and maximum participants are above 35 years old.
  • By searching business type we have found that 32% respondents are involved in boutique business, 25% are engaged in parlor business and rest of all are doing various types of business like tailoring, homemade food.
  • 54% entrepreneurs are trained according to their business but 46% of them are not. It is very alarming. All the women should be well trained to cut a good figure in the business arena.
  • By searching the source of capital of the business of the respondents we have found that 45% get capital as loan from the bank, 35% get invested by the family and 20% collect capital from other sources.
  • We have found 38% respondents involved in business who have passed their HSC level, 25% are SSC passed and 22% haven’t completed their SSC level.
  • 45% respondents are running their business smoothly but 23% of the respondents are still struggling.

In this report we can also found that women entrepreneurs face restriction from the family and society. It is a big hurdle in their way to success but they are managing this problem very bravely. Now a day the amount of restriction is decreasing. It is a very positive thing for the new women entrepreneurs.

Though in past economic instability was the only reason for women for becoming entrepreneurs but now the scenario has changed. Women are becoming entrepreneurs for their own personal identification, to pass their leisure time, in a desire to do something for other women, to contribute to the community. Women are doing their business doing all household works having their family beside them.

Security problem is a great issue in a society like ours. Women are not secured in our society. Working women face a lot of hazards. If there was a healthy environment for women they could do much more for the community by their work. Women also face various problems to rent a shop. They have to experience bad comments from the shop owner sometimes. Sometimes they cannot manage a shop to rent only because of being a woman. Many of the shop owners think a woman cannot manage to pay rent from their business. Bureaucratic problem is a common one. But women face this problem often.

In this report we can see that, though women entrepreneurs doing a great job in Sylhet but they are not ready to run business outside the city. If they can get help from the Government in a form of resource and guide they can run their business even outside the country.

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