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Women Should Have a Choice

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Young women today are faced with the challenges of being harassed or slut-shamed based on the choices that women make. Why women should automatically be judged based on the way that she chooses to express herself, why is the female body constantly sexualized by men although this constantly limits us from being ourselves? Young girls fight every day against the school dress code, social media, and sexism. These are all the reasons that all girls/ women should have a freedom of choice. We send our young boys to school and most boys dress up without caution about if they’re going to be a “distraction”. But on the other hand young women are held to a standard of being told to cover up, if not girls become Slut shamed. Slut shaming is a form of taunting and making a judgment about a person generally women based on sexual experience or doings.

These judgments can soon become a way to sexualize a woman based on what she decides to wears or what she looks like. They become taunted by their peers based on the way that they are dressed and these assumptions are held although out there high school experience. Boys are more often held to a double standard then young girls, when boys are often praised girls are put to shame for their sexual experience which makes it more likely for girls to become bullied once these titles are in place. (State facts)Social media has taken over our generation with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These websites expose a large number of teens and young adult’s access to a large number of people around the world.

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On the internet is where the bullying and harassment take place outside of school. Because social media is a widespread mainstream information and rumors about something or someone can often get out quicker than word of mouth. Understanding that the internet is forever it’s harder for information to go away or stop.Sexism is prejudice behavior towards a gender or sex although this could affect any gender this predominantly affect women and young girls. Sexism could be believing that one gender is superior to the other. Extreme sexism can result is sexual harassment even rape or their forms of sexual violence.


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