Women's Discrimination & Racism in the Past & Nowadays

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Women subjugation is the complex problem existing in the society from the time immemorial in various forms. During a long period in history, women were not considered as equal citizens, they suffered from bad treatments, discrimination and racism under man domination and rules. Women in the past were living unequal and unfair life. They were deprived of doing any political, social and economical activities and their only job was being housewives who take care of home and children. At that time, women were under the control of men who dominate all the fields in which they represents the symbol of power.

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Women were and are the victims violence, which consist of both the physical and the sexual. Women are disproportionately the victims of gender violence, which happens in different forms in different social contexts throughout the world. The novels expose the reality that the world is in a men‘s hand and the women need to wrestle for her space with the men in all the spheres of her life.

The slave faced the sexual hardship and the pathetic condition. Rape, sexual abuse, exploitation of slave women was intentionally common, and the victims could get no justice to experience during the contemporary period. The slaves were sexually abused as a form of punishment and for the economic benefits of the masters.

Men from time immemorial has treated women as their private property, commodity goods and the source of necessity fo fulfilltheir lust, deires, and requirements. This undemocratic and wild attitude of men have eliminate women from the core of benefits freedoms and facilitis. Women violence is the widespread plague of a society.

Slavery was a destructive experience for African Americans especially women. Black women suffered doubly during the slave era. A slave woman’s body was not of her own, but for property, for control, and for pleasure of the one who owned her. The slave owner’s exploitation of the black woman’s sexuality was one of the most significant factors differentiating the experience of slavery for males and females.

Despite the abolition of slavery, the practice is prevalent invarious froms in the contemporary world. Many of the women still face the social, psychological, and financial obstacles that force them to stay in their positions as victims of domestic violence. Women face a lot of challenges because of the existence of patriarchal society, child bearing and family care roles, deep rooted cultural norms. These women may be western, eastern, white, black, rich, poor, or with any characteristics or backgrounds.

The novels reflect the sufferings of women as an outcome of giving in to a false identity and provokes the question of women‘s safety, independence and their identity. The authors have made it very clear that women, are still quite influenced by such age old superstitions and beliefs that has been imposed upon women for generations. A society has a lot of stereotypical misconceptions about women and the women are compelled to act as per the misconceptions. The authors, Sashi Despande and Toni Morrison clearly attempted to convey the message about the essentiality for women to assert their own identities.

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