Women's Role in American Revolution and Their Lives before that

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Mercy started publishing her works in forms of satire, which is the use of humor or exaggeration to expose the political views at the time. Her husband and other close associates who had expressed criticism of the British helped her with ideas for her satires. Once again, for the sake of her safety, her identity was concealed during her publications. This situation shows how sad the life of women was before the revolution.

Before and during the war, there were increased suffering as many families were separated as wives and children had to survive without their husbands and fathers. Similar to other women during the war, Mercy Warren and Abigail Adams were left behind to raise their families while their husbands went to fight for the rights of the Americans. Husbands and wives suffered long periods of separation. This caused women such as Mercy and Abigail were left to singlehandedly take care of the vast lands and households. Since women were home keepers, they had a significant impact on before the war and during the war. Women started acting as advisors to their husbands on political issues. Mercy would send letters to James Warren throughout the war, checking up on him and updating him on various things.

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Some women during the time played the role as spies. For example, Mrs. Gage, who was married to a British General. They also took on the roles of nurses as they would treat the wounded soldiers from the war. Some women even disguised themselves as men to serve in war, as for example, Deborah Sampson. Women also started weaving their own textiles as that was a way to resist the British monarchy. Their resistance to buying British goods played an important role, as textiles were the main import following tea exports. When the Boston Tea Party happened, many women also showed their resistance to the British by being a part of that. Although the women's efforts would go unnoticed, they ended up playing a significant role for setting up for how the War was going to go. The War became a pedestal for many women to fight for their rights and be expressive of what they deserved.

During and after the American Revolution, the United States went through social and political changes. Firstly, women gained a couple of rights at the end of the American Revolution but most of their previous limitations still stayed intact. Even though women proved themselves when it came to running businesses and participating in political issues, women rights were still left behind when creating the Constitution. Women's rights and equality were out of the Constitution and that angered many women. Women were still not allowed to own property, sign legal documents, or control their own money. Something that did change was the idea of women and how they should be viewed. It cornered men into re-evaluating the capability of women and their roles in society. The idea of a capable woman who is also educated and could handle many responsibilities, alongside being a mother, molded the term “Republican Motherhood”. Republican Motherhood, coined by Republican men, was meant to tie women down to their traditional roles while recognizing their new capabilities and worth. 

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