Women's Role in the Development of a Nation

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Fundamentally a nation comprises both men and women but what exactly is a nation? A nation is a body of people who are united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory. A nation is where people respect each other’s differences and cherish similarities irrespective of religion, gender, or caste but sadly this definition is very far from the reality as in our society women have been undervalued and oppressed. They are usually viewed as objects or entities and are not given equal social status. the question arises how can a nation develop when it’s women or more precisely mothers and daughters are denied the very basic social, political, and economic rights. Even though our society restricts women to work in specific industries due to our traditional values, Women should break these stereotypes and work shoulder to shoulder with men as they are by no means behind men when it comes to adaptability, leadership, and problem-solving moreover their role is necessary for the development of a just and prosperous society.

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In principle, both men and women are equally responsible and vital for the development of a prosperous and just society. Unfortunately, in third-world countries like ours, women are considered incapable of supporting the national cause. Some might disagree with this stance but they are absurd as this stance is both rational and logical before engaging into the tooth and claw phase of this discussion I would like to assert that this is by no means competition between men and women. Both men and women are unique in their own way and measuring the capabilities of both on the same scale would be foolish. How can you measure both milk and wheat on the same scale? Although both are food and provide us with energy to get through the day, Still we use different scales to measure them as they are unique in their essence so the same can be said when it comes to comparison between men and women. We don’t need stupid and irrational comparisons rather we need to work shoulder to shoulder and hand in hand for a greater cause and that is our national development.

In our society, working women are undermined and undervalued as they are restricted to industries like health, hospitality, and teaching. A large number of people even think that women lack adaptability and cannot pursue a career in politics, engineering, and other industries. Whereas if we look at the top economies in the world we can easily conclude that a large portion of their GDP depends on women. Generally speaking, Adaptability varies from person to and has nothing to do with gender, associating it with women is iniquitous. How can one forget the brave “Fatima Jinnah” who worked shoulder to shoulder and hand in hand with “Muhammad Ali Jinnah” to give us “The Land of the Pure” which we know as Pakistan?

“No struggle can ever succeed without women participating side by side with men” – Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Women in no way are behind men when it comes to leadership and our former prime minister Benazir Bhutto was one of the leaders who emerged out of the land of the pure. Even though she was humiliated by her rivals but she always concentrated on the positives and worked hard to reach the highest office of Pakistan.

Another example from the western world is of Icelandic women who rescued their country and families from the consequences of the greatest economic breakdown in the history of Iceland. They helped in the reformation of the Icelandic banking system and stabilize the country which indicates that women possess elite problem-solving abilities that are far more superior than men as they tend to play it safe instead of taking risks while making a decision.

Women’s representation in organizations and their share in national development has rapidly grown in the last decade but still, they are considered inferior and are not given leadership positions even when they truly deserve it. We must break these gender-specific gender types if we are to compete with the best economies of the world. We as a society must change ourselves and should not restrict women to an obscure corner. We should let them fulfill their full potential and let go of our stupid traditional values. Traditions are all good as they are our heritage but we must not forget the fact that traditions change as time goes on so we must reform our society by setting new traditions that will let us fulfil our full potential.

It is a fact that we need women in every field, We need doctors, scientists, nurses, lawyers, police officials, legislators, and so on to support our national cause. The government must provide them with enough opportunities so they can serve their motherland and be proud of themselves this would be vital for the development of our country. We can not deny them this right. Women all over the world are working in different industries and our women also have the potential to serve in any office of their choice. Women are half the world’s population, so it would be foolish to absorb them in planning national development and progress. We need them to function as a unit, both the women and men should work together as it is not a choice rather a necessity for the development of a prosperous and just society.           

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