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The Origins of the Women's Suffrage Movement and Actions Taken to Fight the Gender Inequality

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Women’s Suffrage Essay

As the 20th century was approached in American history the political, economical, and social aspects of the nation began to change. Many people moved from rural farms to urban cities and took jobs at factories as opposed to farms. While employment opportunities for Women increased they were still seen as inferior to men due to the fact that they were unable to take higher end jobs and participate in political issues. Women were often looked at as nobody when apart from their husbands. Although women were viewed as the inferior counterpart to men for many years, as time progressed and many women began to fight for their rights they earned suffrage and many other rights they deserved.

Many women began to feel discouraged by their status in society and wanted to take action toward gaining more rights and equality. During the mid 19th century many women such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott began to organize the suffrage movement. Some men joined the suffrage movement as well because they believed in equal education and employment as well. One of these men was Frederick Douglass who attended the Seneca Falls convention in New York. At this convention were 300 of men and women who were fighting to better the lives and rights of Women across America. As the Civil War got heated, many women began to let go of the efforts to gain equality and they helped out with war efforts.

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Post Civil War the American Woman’s Suffrage Association (AWSA) was created to keep women united as the efforts to get suffrage and other rights were made. Years later, the group gathered enough members to lobby the US Congress for an amendment in the constitution. As progress was made the Women practiced Civil Disobedience to express their ideas in a nonviolent and bring them to they eyes of the government and society. Through countless efforts and strong leadership the women of the time and the Association were able to push the boundaries and ultimately create suffrage for women in 1920 by the passing of the 19th Amendment.

As suffrage was reached by the passing of the 19th Amendment, organizations were created to further move the rights of women create a safe haven for women to express their ideas. The National Organization of Women (NOW) was created in 1966 to further create better lives for Women. NOW is the largest feminist activity group in the United States. The group works to keep creating rights for women and ultimately reach equality with men. Through lobbying and lawsuits the group brings ideas and issues to the eyes of the higher authority in pursuit to get these issues changed. NOW was one of the many successful groups that is still present today that works to establish and maintain rights for women in the United States.

Another big step to put an end to sex discrimination was the passing of the Title 9 law. This law looked to end the discrimination sex in education across the country. The law was successful in providing many equal opportunities for girls in school such as equal athletic and educational programs for girls. This law also benefited boys as they were given better rights and opportunity as well. Ultimately this was another step in the right direction for women’s rights.


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